Stratford Student Defense Lawyer

There are a number of ways that college students—many of whom are away from home and on their own for the first time—can get into trouble. Spending time with the wrong people, abusing alcohol or drugs, and allegations of sexual misconduct are just some of the ways students may end up having to deal with legal issues.

If you or a family member are facing legal jeopardy while attending university, you may benefit from speaking with a Stratford student defense lawyer with experience helping young people ensure that one mistake does not sidetrack their educational careers. Consult a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney that could fight for you or your loved one. En Español.

Common Crimes Committed by Students in Stratford

Some of the crimes that students are often charged with include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Underage drinking
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Theft
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Assault and battery

With increasing attention towards sexual harassment and illicit behavior in fraternities and private parties, the police are keeping a closer eye on college campuses than they used to. This is particularly true during weekends and around major collegiate sporting events.

Even more experienced adults can find themselves in legal trouble if alcohol or drug use impairs their judgment. For younger people who are living on their own and making their own decisions for the first time, the possibility of getting into trouble is even greater.

Underage Driving Under the Influence

In Stratford, if any driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is measured at .08 percent or higher, the police can charge that person with driving while intoxicated.

However, like many states in recent years, the state of Connecticut instituted an even tougher standard for younger drivers. For drivers under the legal drinking age of 21 years old, the BAC limit is .02 percent This is a zero-tolerance law meant to curb and punish underage drinking and driving.

Among other penalties, a conviction on charges of driving under the influence can result in suspension of a driver’s license, which can have a particularly big impact on a college student’s life. For some students, it may be difficult or impossible to get back and forth to school without a car. An experienced Stratford student defense lawyer could attempt to mitigate the penalties that an individual may face.

Sexual Allegations on Campuses

The authorities are more attentive to and willing to pursue date rape charges than they used to be. Even if the prosecutor fails to prove the charge, the publicity associated with the case can have a significant impact on the accused party’s life.

Many such cases are based heavily on hearsay and personal accounts, it is often critical for both plaintiffs and defendants to retain lawyers with courtroom experience who know how to find the inconsistencies and weaknesses in a witness’s testimony.

Consulting a Stratford Student Defense Attorney

A skilled Stratford student defense lawyer could represent a student in criminal court and advise them prior to school disciplinary hearings, working to ensure that their client does not face consequences for life because of one foolish mistake. They also may be able to offer advice on whether to seek a plea bargain or to fight charges in court.

If you are a student facing criminal charges in Stratford, call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your legal options.