Dangerous Roadways in Connecticut

Dangerous Roadways in Connecticut

Connecticut sees a high volume of drivers. Regardless of whether they are driving through the state on their way to New York or Boston or are just commuting within the state, the number of drivers on the roads means you must be vigilant.

Although it is important to be alert whenever you are on the road, there are roads and intersections that are especially dangerous. When driving on these dangerous roadways, it is important to pay extra attention in order to avoid any accidents.

Dangerous Intersections

There are several dangerous intersections in Connecticut. One is in West Hartford where I-84 meets Park Road and Trout Brook. This is where most accidents in West Hartford occur.

Another dangerous intersection in West Hartford is Bishop’s Corner, where North Main Street meets Albany Avenue. Farmington Avenue and its intersection with Trout Brook Drive is yet another intersection that sees may accidents.

Driving Through Dangerous Junctions

There are three ways you can make these intersections less dangerous. The first is to drive defensively. Make sure that you are looking out and proactively avoiding any potential danger. Next, reduce your speed. Go slowly through these intersections to make sure you do not cause a crash. Finally, never drive distracted, instead of looking at a phone, focus on the roadway.

What Roads Are Hazardous?

The Connecticut River Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of our state, but it is also home to a dangerous roadway. Interstate 91 traveling from Enfield to Windsor is the site of numerous accidents.

In fact, 691 people have been injured in car crashes since 2015 on that stretch of highway. Its intersection with Interstate 291 is also particularly dangerous. When traveling in this area, please take care to slow down and do not drive distracted.

Learn More About Dangerous Roadways in Connecticut from an Attorney

When driving anywhere, it is important to drive safely. However, there are areas in Connecticut with, particularly dangerous roadways. When driving through these areas, it is important to pay attention and avoid distraction. This can help to avoid any accidents.

If you or a loved one was injured in a collision on a dangerous roadway, call an attorney today for a free consultation. A lawyer can explain your rights and options so you can decide your next steps.

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