Dealing with Insurance Adjusters After an Accident

Dealing with Insurance Adjusters After an Accident

Car accidents are scary situations to think about and knowing what to do if you are in one can make all the difference. Insurance adjusters play a vital part in making sure you receive the settlement you want. An adjuster’s main goal is to save their company money. The more you know about how they operate, the better you can maneuver when dealing with adjusters.

Is the Adjuster from your Insurance Company or the other Party’s Company?

After an accident, you would most likely get a phone call from an adjuster. The first step is to find out if they are calling to represent your insurance company or the other party’s insurance. If an adjuster is calling from the other party’s insurance, you should be cautious. Adjusters from an opposing party may be trying to record a statement from you in order to save their company money. However, if the call comes from your insurance company’s adjuster, you are required to cooperate and participate in the investigation of the claim.

Be Cautious when Signing Documents

Upon filing an auto injury claim, you may be required to sign off on various documents. For example, the opposing party’s insurance adjuster may require you to sign a medical authorization document to gain access to your medical records. Instead of signing off, you could forward your medical records to them.

Adjusters will want to Settle Quick

Adjusters are known for trying to settle a case extremely fast because they know if the client has not gone to the doctor yet and is unaware of their full medical expenses, they may just take the first offer they are given. Go see a doctor and get a full understanding of what your current and future expenses will be, and then discuss settlement options. The reason for this is because adjusters know if you accept the first offer and sign a release, you most likely will not come back with a claim if you find out that your expenses ended up being more than the settlement payout.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is important to contact a personal injury lawyer so you can be sure to receive the correct guidance on your case and avoid expensive mistakes. Attorneys will collect and save important evidence to try and get you the outcome you want.

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