Paying Your Medical Bills After a Car Crash

Paying Your Medical Bills After a Car Crash

Recently, an individual came to us after being involved in a car accident on Interstate 84 in West Hartford, Connecticut. Due to their injuries, their medical bills began to pile up and they were worried about who would cover the costs, which included visits to Hartford Hospital, physical therapy, and ambulance expenses.

We were able to inform our client about Connecticut’s fault-based car insurance system, as well as its no-fault system, and determine which avenue was best for them to have their medical bills paid following the crash.

Paying for Treatment

Under Connecticut’s insurance system, when someone is injured in a car crash that was another person’s fault, they can request compensation for all the damages they have sustained, including medical bills. However, an individual must assemble a demand package in order to receive this compensation.

Of course, immediately after an accident, it is important for an individual to receive the treatment that they require. Therefore, we advise that, if a client has health insurance—either personally obtained or through their employer—that they use this to cover their bills for the time being, in order to meet their medical needs. Then, after they are satisfied with the treatment and care they have received, they can create a demand package and request compensation for these payments from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Alternatives to Covering Medical Costs

One alternative someone has, however, is called Medical Payment Insurance, under the state’s no-fault insurance. Essentially, this insurance covers medical payments, regardless of who is to blame for an accident.

Furthermore, there are various doctors and medical providers who are willing to wait until the end of a case to get paid. Simply put, this means that someone can see these doctors immediately to receive the treatment they need, then pay them once they have received reimbursement from an at-fault party at the end of a case.

Seeking Legal Counsel

If you have any questions at all after being involved in a car accident, including how to pay your medical bills, please do not hesitate to contact Billings, Barrett, and Bowman. Our attorneys are experienced in car accident cases and could work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Call today.

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