Branford Conspiracy Lawyer

When two or more individuals agree to commit an illegal act, then take the steps to actually do it, they can be charged with conspiracy. The illegal act does not have to be carried out. However, if it can be proven that the accused individuals intended to carry it out, they can be convicted of conspiracy.

Conspiracy charges can be remarkably difficult to understand, and if you have been charged with conspiracy, you may need the help of a Branford conspiracy lawyer. Consult a skilled Branford criminal attorney to learn more about the charge of conspiracy and your rights if you are currently facing charges.

Proving Conspiracy

Contrary to popular belief, two or more individuals do not have to verbally express their intent to commit a crime to be charged with conspiracy. Even if the intent to commit conspiracy is implied, a person can still be convicted. For example, if a person knows an individual intends to rob a bank, and they willingly accompany the individual to the bank, they can be charged with conspiracy.

As mentioned above, conspiracy charges can be hard to understand, and most courts have ruled that just because an individual is present when another person commits a crime, they are not necessarily committing conspiracy. Due to the complex nature of these charges, individuals should contact a Branford conspiracy attorney if they have been charged with the crime.

Establishing Intent

As with most crimes, the intent of the accused individual will be examined when a person faces conspiracy charges. To be charged with criminal conspiracy, an individual must have criminal intentions.

For example, just because a person tells an individual they intend to rob a bank, the individual who received the information is not necessarily engaging in a conspiracy unless they agree to help the individual rob the bank in some manner.

If a Branford conspiracy lawyer can prove an individual did not intend to engage in a crime with the other perpetrators, they may be able to get the conspiracy charges reduced or dismissed completely.

Potential Legal Strategies

When a person is charged with conspiracy, their Connecticut conspiracy attorney will craft a legal strategy to get their charges reduced or dismissed. Depending on the nature of the charges, individuals may not be charged if the following strategies are employed:

  • The accused individual did not know the others involved in the alleged conspiracy intended to commit a crime
  • The accused individual was not present at the time of the crime
  • The accused person was forced by the other individuals to participate in the crime
  • The accused person was “tricked” into committing a crime after the other individual(s) provided misleading information

Defendants will need to work closely with their lawyer after they are charged with conspiracy. Conspiracy is a serious charge that can result in jail time, probation, and enormous fines. If it can be proven law enforcement officials violated the rights of the defendant during the investigation period, the court may have to reduce or dismiss the charges.

Consulting a Branford Conspiracy Attorney

If you have been charged with conspiracy, you will almost certainly need the help of a Branford conspiracy lawyer. As mentioned above, conspiracy charges can be hard to understand, and if you attempt to represent yourself in court, you will more than likely be found guilty. Do not wait until it is too late to hire an experienced attorney.