Branford Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence charges can be devastating for an entire family, including any children involved. A charge of domestic violence can damage a person’s reputation in society if the charge becomes public knowledge. There is also the possibility of a jail sentence depending on the charges.

Furthermore, a restraining order can prevent a person from entering their own home and limit their time with their children.

While the government will prosecute the domestic violence charge, a Branford domestic violence lawyer can help protect you and your family in family court. Get in contact with a dedicated defense attorney to protect your rights.

Connecticut Domestic Violence Statistics

In 2016 the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence assisted 39,661 domestic violence victims. The victims mainly complained of stalking, strangulation or threatening. About 71 percent stated their daily activities were controlled and 49 percent were followed or spied on. 54 percent underwent strangulation and were choked.

Finally, 46 percent faced threats that they would be killed. The majority of the children, about 69 percent of them, involved in family violence situations were six years old or younger.

Domestic Violence Laws of Connecticut

There are several laws connected to family violence in Connecticut ranging from criminal offenses to family offenses. These laws also provide relief to victims of domestic violence.

Section 53a-40e refers to standing criminal protective orders which protects individuals accusing domestic violence. It informs the alleged perpetrator that they must follow the outlines of the criminal protective order. The court has the option to tell a person to no longer restrain the alleged victim or prevent them from moving freely.

The other option the court has is to order the person to not harass, threaten, molest or sexually assault the victim. Finally, the court may order the person to no longer enter the residence of the victim or the family home.

A violation of a criminal protective order is a class D felony. If, along with violating the order, the individual also restrains the individual, harms them or threatens them then it will be a class C felony. Persistent and repeat offenders may also face more severe consequences.

Family Court Orders of Protection

Aside from criminal orders of protection, there may be family court orders of protection as well. Family court can expedite these matters and protect individuals from physical abuse, stalking or threats from a family member.

In emergency situations, the court may grant an ex parte restraining order which allows an individual to get a restraining order without a full hearing or speaking with the other party.

If someone is the receiving end of the order, their Branford domestic violence lawyer can fight this order to ensure they can still see their children and return home. Also, their lawyer can help have this order removed, as it can cause harm to your reputation.

Assault Charges

Other criminal laws that may affect a person accused of family violence are general assault charges. While these charges are not limited to domestic violence they will apply in these situations as well because if someone was harmed it is still considered an assault.

Assault charges can range in consequences depending on the severity of the assault and any other special conditions of the alleged victim. For example, the law has higher penalties for assault against the elderly or pregnant women.

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