Branford Drug Lawyer

If you or someone you care about is facing any type of drug charge, they will need to reach out to a Branford drug lawyer. Both state and federal governments prosecute drug crimes harshly, and if you choose to represent yourself in court, you will probably not be successful.

Contrary to popular belief, individuals who are charged with drug crimes often have their rights violated by law enforcement agents during the investigation process, and many are not aware they are in possession of a drug that is illegal. Contact an experienced defense attorney today to learn more about drug charges and how they are handled by the courts.

Proving Drug Possession in Court

When a person is believed to be in possession of certain drugs, they may be in violation of both state and federal laws. To prove a person is guilty of possession, the prosecutor will need to establish the accused individual:

  • Was aware the drug they were in possession of was illegal
  • Had control over the drug in question

Accused individuals can also be charged with “constructive possession,” which means the person charged does not necessarily have to be in physical possession of the drug.

For example, if a person accompanies a person who is in possession of an illegal drug, they can be charged as well, especially if they were aware the other person was in possession of the drug. If a person is charged with possession, they will need to contact a Branford drug lawyer.

Intent to Distribute

Drug possession is a serious crime, but if the prosecutor believes an accused individual intended to distribute the drug to others, the charges will be even more serious. This is especially true if the person intended to distribute the drug across state lines, and individuals accused of this will face federal charges.

To prove an individual intends to distribute drugs to others, law enforcement agents will look for the following pieces of evidence:

  • Large amounts of money, small bills
  • Witness testimony
  • Scales and baggies
  • Large quantities of the drug in question

If a Branford drug lawyer can prove the accused individual intended to use the drug for recreational use, the court may choose to reduce the charges. If the court believes a person intended to distribute the drug in a public area or to minors, the person could face a harsher punishment if convicted.

Severity of Charges

The type of drug a person is accused of possessing is a major factor when it comes to sentencing. The government places drugs in one of five drug “schedules,” and drugs in lower schedules carry more serious penalties. Individuals who possess legal prescription drugs without a valid prescription will also be charged in court.

If a person is in possession of certain drugs such as crystal meth, crack cocaine, and other heavy drugs, they can face the prospect of decades behind bars, depending on the amount of the drug they are believed to be in possession of.

If an individual is charged with possessing any type of drug, they will need the help of a Branford drug attorney.

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If you are currently facing drug charges, it is normal to feel frightened and confused, but you will need to contact a Branford drug lawyer immediately. With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed. Get in touch with an attorney today.