Branford DUI Lawyer 

An accusation of driving under the influence (DUI) can negatively impact many aspects of you and your family’s life. There is a societal stigma attached with drivers charged with a DUI. Financially, you may not be allowed to drive for a period of time which can affect your ability to work. That does not even include the sentencing aspects of paying fines or possible jail time.

If you are concerned about all of the consequences of a DUI charge, a Branford DUI lawyer can help ease your concerns by informing you about the law and what possible defenses you may have. Speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney that can fight for you.

 DUI Statistics

Between 2003 and 2012 there were 1,039 deaths related to drunk driving. While nationally 1.9% of all surveyed adults reported drinking and driving, in Connecticut 2.1% reported driving after drinking too much.

Another study found that out of 248 traffic fatalities in Connecticut, 39% involved drivers that had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or higher.

Connecticut DUI Laws

In Connecticut, the state does not use the term DUI but Operating Under the Influence (OUI). The state has an implied consent law that states that anyone who drives a vehicle is presumed to have consented to have their BAC tested.

Any driver arrested for an OUI whether they have tested within the OUI range or refused to test for a BAC will have their license suspended within 30 days of the arrest. Before the suspension is lifted the driver has to install an ignition interlock device (IID). This type of device works as a breathalyzer and will not let a driver start the car if they have been drinking.

All drivers will be charged with an OUI if they have a BAC of .08% or higher. For a first-time offense, they will have to place an IID for six months. A second offense will lead to a one-year placement of the IID. Lastly, for an offense that happened a third time or more, the IID has to be installed for two years.

Drivers that are under 21 years of age will be charged with an OUI if they have a BAC of .02% or higher. With a first-time offense, the driver will have to install an IID for one year. If it is a second-time offense, the IID will be placed for two years. A third-time or subsequent offense will lead to a three-year placement of the IID. A qualified Branford DUI lawyer can further explain Connecticut DUI laws to individuals.

DUI License Suspension and Revocation

The latest laws will apply to convictions for OUI on or after July 2015. For a first or second-time offense, the driver will have a 45-day license suspension. A Branford DUI lawyer can help an individual challenge their license suspension. For a third or subsequent offense, the license will be revoked permanently. Then the driver must wait for two years from the day the license was revoked to ask for a hearing to reconsider having the license reinstated.

How a Branford DUI Lawyer Can Help

Being charged with an OUI can have a long-lasting impact, mainly with having to install an IID and a license suspension. A driver that has been charged with an OUI should speak with a Branford DUI lawyer to get the best advice on how to proceed. Whether you want to go to court and fight against the charge or negotiate with the government an attorney will be able to help you understand what the best option is for you in your circumstances.