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It can be difficult to move through life with a criminal record. Simple tasks, such as finding a job or obtaining housing can be remarkably hard. Fortunately, there are ways to have items removed from your record through a process known as expungement. When your record is expunged, the general public will not be able to view your record at all.

The expungement process, however, can be difficult, and you may need the help of a Branford expungement lawyer at some point in time. Contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to learn more about the expungement process and your rights.

What is Expungement?

When a person has their criminal record expunged, the general public will not be able to uncover certain information about their criminal background. Individuals will not be able to uncover the information using the internet or other methods, but security personnel and law enforcement agents will usually still have access to these records.

Fortunately, once a record is sealed, regular citizens will not be able to uncover information using a routine background check. If a person intends to have their record expunged, they will need to petition the courts. If the court approves their petition, certain aspects of their criminal record will be destroyed, including outdated arrests and convictions. Arrests that were dismissed before they reached the desk of the prosecutor will usually be expunged first, but a person will still need help from a Branford expungement lawyer.

Eligibility for Expungement

In order for a record to be expunged, an individual must petition the court and submit a processing fee to the state. If the courts choose to grant the request, the record will be sealed within a few weeks. The following types of convictions and arrests are often dismissed:

  • Events dismissed by court
  • Those not currently on file with the court
  • Arrests and convictions made prior to indictment

The severity of the items on the criminal record will also have a major impact on the decision of the courts. If a person wishes to successfully have their records expunged, they should consider seeking the legal counsel of a Branford expungement attorney.

Denial of a Sealing Request

Not all convicted individuals will be eligible to have their records expunged in the state of Connecticut. In many cases, courts will deny expungement if the petitioner:

  • Was convicted by a jury
  • Completed a diversion program before the start of a trial
  • Entered a “no contest” or “first offense” plea
  • Has charges of witness tampering or perjury on their record
  • Is being prosecuted for another similar crime

If a request is denied, the petitioner can hire a Branford expungement lawyer to help them file an appeal. The severity of the crime a person has been arrested for or convicted of can also have an impact on the ruling of the court. It is extremely difficult to get violent crimes or federal crimes expunged, and individuals will need to consult their attorney if they have such charges on their criminal record.

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If you are interested in having your record expunged, or filing an appeal after a denial, you should contact a Branford expungement lawyer. The expungement process can be complicated and extensive, and completing the process on your own is difficult. Contact an experienced attorney for additional information about expungement.