Branford Divorce Lawyer

Family law matters are unique in that they often involve emotional and complex issues, in which a single legal decision can affect many different people. Divorce law is certainly no exception as the dissolution of a legal marriage often requires difficult compromises regarding division of assets, spousal support, and child custody matters.

If you are going through a divorce, you will need the experience of a knowledgeable Branford divorce lawyer on your side in order to make sure your rights are protected throughout the process. They will advocate for your needs, assist in negotiations, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Branford, Connecticut Divorce Laws 

Divorce laws vary by state, which makes it all the more necessary to retain the help of an attorney who has extensive practice in the State of Connecticut. Connecticut is considered a “no-fault” state in terms of divorce, meaning that a couple can dissolve their marriage based solely on the fact that it has been “broken down irretrievably,” not that the divorce is the fault of one partner or the other (see Conn. Gen. Stat. § 46b-40).

However, this does not mean that the court will not consider one spouse over the other as a main factor for the separation. In terms of the actual settlement, many variables come into play, including the division of assets, child custody and/or child support, spousal support and/or alimony, and more.

Couples who have children have the extra legal responsibility to place the best interests of their children at the forefront of all settlement decisions, even before their own individual interests.

Protect Your Assets and Ensure Your Rights

Even if the parties in a divorce are relatively civil or friendly toward one another, legal dissolution of marriage can get complicated and emotional very quickly. It is difficult for someone who does not have any legal experience to understand the complexities of Connecticut divorce law, which can hurt the chances of a person getting the settlement they deserve.

It is highly advisable that anyone going through a divorce enlists the help of a Branford divorce attorney with experience in the area. Divorce lawyers can help their clients in a variety of different ways. Having a strong legal advocate is essential in ensuring the client has a definitive say in voicing the terms of the settlement.

Furthermore, a Branford divorce lawyer can provide their clients with any information they need along the way, they can communicate with the court as well as any other involved parties, and they can ensure a client’s peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Property Division

Many factors come into play when discussing the division of property and the best interest of children during a divorce.  Real property includes a house and land.  Personal property includes cash, cars, televisions, collections, antiques, and bank accounts. The difference between the two is the mechanisms used to divide them.

Connecticut is not a community property state, so a Branford property division does not follow the community property distribution of assets.

Equitable Distribution

Equitable distribution of assets means that the couple each gets their fair share of the marital estate.  When a judge makes the determination, it is discretionary and they primarily use the same factors used to determine alimony.  The standard for distributing property is what is fair considering the totality of the circumstances. It is determined either by agreement or, less advisably, after a court order.

Contacting a Branford Divorce Attorney Today

If you are going through a divorce in the Branford area, protect your rights by contacting an experienced Branford divorce attorney today.

You not only will be protecting yourself, but also any children you may have, as well as your properties and assets that you have worked hard to build up over your lifetime. A seasoned divorce attorney in Branford can work hard to ensure you get the best outcome possible in your case.