Branford Separation Agreement Lawyer

When a marriage is coming to an end, or a couple decides to move forward with a trial separation, working out a separation agreement is in the best interest of both parties. A separation agreement involves a great deal of knowledge about establishing agreements under the legal spectrum. If you wish to construct a separation agreement, contact a skilled attorney. An experienced Branford separation agreement lawyer can help you protect your rights and outline your responsibilities during this time.

Choosing to Create a Separation Agreement

Choosing to create an agreement involves many intricate decisions between both spouses. These sorts of agreements should never be made hastily and should be decided upon with careful speculation. A separation agreement may prove to be very beneficial, as it can remove some of the emotional aspects from the process by outlining who will retain what property, and designation each party’s financial obligation to the other during the separation time.

Unlike prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, separation agreements can designate child custody matters. A separation agreement can be a precursor to a divorce agreement, and a separation agreement lawyer can help determine a manner in which the parties can share custody and support their children financially.

 Common Terms

Separation agreements can set forth such issues as:

  • Who pays which expenses
  • Whether spousal support is appropriate
  • How any business interests will be handled
  • Access to banking and investment accounts
  • Who will retain any residences and vehicles
  • How health insurance will be handled
  • Whether debts or assets acquired during the separation will be shared by both parties

Converting into Divorce Agreements

A separation agreement can be converted into a divorce agreement, and the separation terms can satisfy the required three-month waiting period for a divorce. It does not automatically become the divorce agreement, however, while the terms of a separation agreement are considered binding in Connecticut, the parties may change their agreement at the time of divorce, or either party may petition the court for different terms for the divorce. Since legal separation is a trial divorce period, so to speak, it is always possible that the parties may determine that the terms they initially agreed upon are not right for them, or are not working out as planned.

An agreement can also set forth the duration of a separation, so that parties may come back to the table and ultimately determine whether they want to stay married or move forward with a divorce. Neither party is permitted to remarry during a separation, and if they want to remarry, they will need to obtain a divorce first. It is important to remember that not all couples who decide upon a separation agreement ultimately choose to get divorced. Some couples reconcile, due in part to the perspective they gained as a result of going through the separation process.

Of course, other couples decide that the separation is best made permanent, and can then move forward to divorce with the help of a skilled Branford separation agreement attorney.

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Whether you and your spouse are going through an amicable trial separation, or the process has been more contentious, an experienced Branford separation agreement lawyer can help you make appropriate decisions before, during, and after your separation. Call today to learn how they can help.