Branford Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When a bicyclist is involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, the ensuing damages can be extensive and possibly fatal. Cyclists frequently share the roads with cars, trucks, and buses, all of which may be thousands of pounds heavier than a bicycle. As a result, the force from collisions between bicycles and drivers can have severe consequences.

An injured bicyclist deserves to focus on making a full health recovery, but this may be difficult when they are forced to focus on medical bills, pushy insurance companies, and worried friends and family.

A Branford bicycle accident lawyer could help you determine whether your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence and whether you could file a personal injury claim to hold that person legally responsible. If you are entitled to financial recovery, this skilled injury lawyer could help you pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Bike Laws and Programs

Large disparities in size and weight between motor vehicles and bicycles significantly put cyclists at a disadvantage in the event of a collision. As a result, Connecticut General Statutes § 14-232 mandates that motorists allow at least three feet of separation when passing bicyclists. Con. Gen. Stat. § 14-212c further states that failing to grant the right of way to a bicycle may result in the driver receiving a fine that is double the amount of other traffic infractions, up to $500.

Additionally, programs such as Share the Road are designed to promote safe travel and minimize the likelihood of accidents. For bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians alike, vehicles must be able and willing to share the road to prevent costly accidents and harmful injuries. When accidents and injuries do occur, a lawyer may be able to help the victim.

Bicycle Accidents in Branford

Branford has taken a variety of steps to make community roadways friendlier for cyclists. Riders now have access to mixed-use paths, designated bike lanes, and intersection bike boxes. The Share the Road program has also raised awareness about state bike passing laws.

However, although Branford has made immense strides in the pursuit of safer roadways, accidents still occur. When vehicles fail or refuse to share the road with cyclists, crashes happen. The resulting injuries to a bicyclist can be substantial and even fatal.

Bicycle accidents can occur, for example, if crosswalk signals are not reliable or people drive aggressively. Drivers who drive carelessly and recklessly, therefore neglecting their lawful duty to care for the lives of others in their paths, can be held liable for a victim’s injuries if a victim proves their carelessness caused the collision. A Branford bicycle accident lawyer could help determine negligence and bring the responsible party to justice.

How a Branford Bicycle Accident Attorney Could Help

The relatively small size of bicycles disadvantages bicyclists during a collision with a car or other vehicle. Although bicycles and motor vehicles share the same traffic laws, some drivers of motor vehicles may drive negligently, leading to a tragic collision.

The repercussions of a bike accident are often severe. Injured parties may have to worry about gathering documentation to file a personal injury claim, negotiate with insurance companies, pay medical bills, and worry about lost wages. In cases such as these, it may be helpful to retain a skilled Branford bicycle accident lawyer who could provide aggressive legal counsel and fight for your right to just compensation.