Bridgeport Assault Lawyer

Assault is common but extremely serious criminal offense. The penalties range from misdemeanor charges to decades in prison depending upon the circumstances of the assault, the victim, and whether a weapon was used.

A Bridgeport assault lawyer can meticulously review the details of your case, fight to protect your rights, and get you the best possible outcome. Before you attempt to defend yourself in court, consider the stakes involved and what an experienced defense lawyer can accomplish. En Español.

Assault Charges

The crime of assault is classified into three different degrees based on the severity of the offense:

  • Assault in the First Degree, a class B felony
  • Assault in the Second Degree, a class D felony
  • Assault in the Third Degree, a class A misdemeanor

Each of these charges has severe penalties, but an assault attorney in Bridgeport can help.

Assault in the First Degree

Assault in the first degree occurs when a person, with intent to cause serious physical injury, causes such injury with a deadly weapon. Intentionally causing disfigurement, destruction, amputation or disability is a first-degree assault even without a deadly weapon.

Short of actual intent to commit an assault, acting with an extreme indifference to human life and recklessly engaging in conduct which seriously injures another, even without specific intent, is also assault in the first degree. The class B felony has a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of five years and a maximum of 20 years.

Assault in the Second Degree

Assault in the second degree is generally defined as intentionally or recklessly causing injury to another, with or without a deadly weapon, but not including a firearm. Generally, a class D felony carries a maximum five-year sentence if the assault is committed with a firearm, there is a one-year minimum prison sentence.

Assault in the Third Degree

Assault in the third degree is intentionally or recklessly causing physical injury to another. It is also negligently causing physical injury to another with a deadly weapon.

Aggravating Factors

There are many circumstances surrounding an assault charge that can act as aggravating factors with harsher prison terms.

Assault against an elderly, blind, disabled, intellectually disabled, or pregnant person carries heightened sentences based upon the classification of the assault. There are also heightened sentences for assaults against corrections officers, assault with a motor vehicle, and assaults against a pregnant woman that result in a loss of pregnancy.

It is, therefore, vital to review the specific facts of an assault charge with a Bridgeport assault attorney experienced with assault cases to review and evaluate all potential defenses and mitigating factors.

Consult With an Assault Attorney in Bridgeport Today

The prison sentences for assault charges in Connecticut can be severe depending upon your particular case. Facing assault charges alone is not worth the risk when your personal liberty are at stake.

An experienced defense attorney who knows the ins and outs of the Bridgeport court system can leverage that knowledge in negotiating the strongest possible plea agreement and in presenting the most effective arguments at your trial.  A Bridgeport assault lawyer can examine every element of the charges brought by the state and build the strongest possible defense strategy to keep you out of prison.