Bridgeport Conspiracy Lawyer

A conspiracy occurs when two or more people agree to work together to commit a crime. There does not need to be a formal written agreement and the crime does not need to be completed. As long as the conspirators intended to commit the crime together, conspiracy charges can apply.

If you have been accused of conspiracy, contact a Bridgeport conspiracy lawyer. An established criminal attorney can help you review the circumstances surrounding the conspiracy allegations. En Español.

Defining Common Conspiracy Offenses

If someone has agreed with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of the conduct with the intent they can be charged with a conspiracy charge. They can all be charged if any one of them commits an overt act in pursuance of the conspiracy.

How Important is Intent in a Conspiracy Charge?

If someone intends to commit criminal acts such as rape, murder, fraud, burglary, theft, identity theft, shoplifting, and anything else, they can face a conspiracy charge. In court, the prosecution must show that the alleged conspirator knew that they were planning to commit a crime and agreed to take part in it. While that agreement does not have to be in writing, there must be enough evidence to show that the parties agreed to commit the crime.

Prosecutors must also show that conspirators had the specific intent to commit the crime. Being with the conspirators at the time or doing something which may have helped them to commit the crime is not enough. A person cannot be held liable for conspiracy for acts which occur as part of another criminal act they did not agree to. If three people conspire to rob a convenience store, then two spontaneously agree to rob the bank next door, the third person cannot be held liable for conspiracy.

Defending Group Criminal Crimes

Failure to prove intent is likely the best defense to a conspiracy charge. Another is renunciation. The law requires that a co-conspirator took affirmative actions to thwart the success of the conspiracy, making a voluntary renunciation of their criminal purpose. This means backing out of the plan before it takes place and making certain that their co-conspirators fully understand their change of mind.

Conspiracy cases are generally very complex and police often pit co-conspirators against each other to get to the truth. The result is that some co-conspirators may receive lesser sentences than others. A Bridgeport conspiracy lawyer can help someone facing these charges defend their rights and reputation during trial.

Speaking to an Attorney

If you have been charged with or think you may be investigated for conspiracy, find out how an experienced Bridgeport conspiracy lawyer can help. Let us review the details of the conspiracy and determine whether there is a way to have the charges against you mitigated through a plea bargain or dismissed altogether.

While every situation is unique, it is important to understand all the legal defenses and options which are available to you before agreeing to serve time in jail or settle for a harsh sentence which could have been avoided with the right representation.