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Expungement removes certain criminal convictions from your record after you have served your sentence. Once an expungement is complete, you will never have to report the conviction on applications which require a criminal background check.

If you are considering having a criminal offense expunged from your record, contact an experienced Bridgeport expungement lawyer. Let a qualified criminal defense attorney review your situation, determine whether you are eligible for expungement, and prepare the necessary documents so that you can move on with your life. En Español.

What Convictions Can Be Expunged?

Connecticut law allows certain criminal convictions to be expunged, or erased, from someone’s record. According to CT Statute Sec. 54-142a et seq., criminal convictions for misdemeanors after three years have passed, and criminal convictions for felonies after five years have passed are eligible for an expungement pardon from the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Parole.

The board reviews several factors to determine whether a pardon should be granted, including:

  • The severity of the offense and how much time has passed
  • The impact on the victim and the victim’s input
  • The State Attorney’s opinion
  • Work history and personal references
  • Volunteer or community service
  • Whether drug or alcohol treatment was involved

What Are Provisional Pardons?

The Board can choose to grant or deny either an absolute expungement pardon or a provisional pardon – also known as a Certificate of Employability. An expungement pardon erases someone’s criminal conviction and treats it as if it never existed, a provisional pardon does not.

Instead, it is merely used to certify that someone who was convicted of a crime is employable and is available to those currently under supervision by the Department of Correction’s Parole and Community Services Division who have successfully completed 90 days of supervision, or those who have successfully completed their sentence, are not currently under supervision, have no new arrest(s), and have been in the community for a minimum of 90 days.

Requesting a Pardon

Provisional pardons can be requested any time after a conviction and sentencing. Denied pardons cannot be appealed, but an individual and their Bridgeport expungement lawyer can generally reapply for a pardon after one year depending on the facts and circumstances of the situation.

In addition, Connecticut law automatically erases certain criminal records such as cases which were dismissed, those where someone was charged but found not guilty, those where the charges were dropped and at least 13 months have passed, and those where the case was put on hold and at least 13 months have passed without further prosecution.

Consulting a Bridgeport Expungement Attorney

If you are seeking to have your criminal record expunged, turn to an experienced Bridgeport expungement lawyer for help. Let an attorney make sure that you are eligible and complete all the necessary paperwork needed to apply.

Having your criminal record expunged can make a world of difference when it comes to applying for financial aid, renting an apartment, and seeking employment. More and more financial institutions, landlords, and employers are requesting criminal background checks now that the process is easier and less expensive.

An experienced legal advocate can help you put the past behind you by having your criminal record expunged. Call today to find out more.