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Connecticut has taken a restrictive approach toward gun ownership and offenses in recent years. There can be severe consequences and penalties for illegal firearm offenses. A Bridgeport gun lawyer can help you navigate the legal pitfalls of gun ownership, and help protect your rights when the State brings charges against you. An experienced Bridgeport, CT defense lawyer can work hard to build your defense and maintain a positive outcome in your case. En Español.

Legal Possession in Bridgeport

In order to carry a handgun in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a person must have a weapons permit. Carrying a gun without a permit is a class D felony, and can carry a penalty of up to five years in prison and a $1000 fine. Someone not having the permit on their person is a small infraction. Connecticut does not have open carry permissions, even for permit holders.

Connecticut has an expansive assault weapons ban. Connecticut law defines assault weapon broadly to include any “selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire,” and includes an exhaustive list of specific weapons, as well as parts designed or intended to convert a firearm into an assault weapon.

Outside Circumstances

Certain assault weapons holders who were licensed before April 4, 2013, and apply to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, can register to have their weapon grandfathered in.

There are other exceptions for active duty military personnel, police, and other narrow circumstances. Consulting with a Bridgeport firearm defense attorney about firearms or assault weapons, or a potential purchase can help keep someone out of legal trouble.

Restrictions on Weapons

In addition to the assault weapons ban, there are strict regulations over the use, transport, and sale of assault weapons and firearms in the state. For example, individuals are required to report a lost or stolen firearm to the police.

There is a complex framework of laws governing the transport and transfer of firearms, many depending upon whether one is a licensed firearm manufacturer, dealer, or whether one is transporting the firearm for recognized purposes, such as a sporting competition or event sponsored by law enforcement.

Only a gun lawyer with intimate knowledge of Bridgeport’s gun laws and their application can properly advise an individual on the lawful use and handling of their firearm, and only after a thorough review of that individual’s circumstances and firearm use.

Penalties for Gun Crimes

The unlawful possession of an assault weapon is a class D felony, and there is a mandatory minimum prison sentence of one year though a lesser charge is possible for certain first-time offenders who possessed the weapons lawfully prior to the institution of the assault weapon prohibition.

Aggravated Offenses

Connecticut imposes a mandatory eight-year prison sentence on any individual who commits any class A, B, or C felony and uses, threatens to use, or represents that they possess an assault weapon. If someone were to commit an assault with a deadly weapon, this would present an aggravating circumstance. This prison sentence is in addition to any sentence for the underlying felony. If an individual uses a normal firearm, as opposed to an assault weapon, the prison sentence is a mandatory five years.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you are a gun owner, and especially if you are facing gun-related criminal charges, you would be wise to enlist the assistance of a firearm defense attorney in Bridgeport who is knowledgeable in the field of gun law.

A Bridgeport gun lawyer can advise you on the legality of the type of weapon you possess, your use of that weapon, and defend you in court.