Bridgeport Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation of prostitution, or the attempt to engage in prostitution by offering the exchange of sex for money, is a Class I misdemeanor. Although physical or sexual contact does not need to occur for this charge, the consequences are the same as those for actively engaging in prostitution.

Being charged with soliciting a prostitute can be a frightening and humiliating experience, in no small part due to the stigma that often comes with solicitation offenses. However, a Bridgeport solicitation lawyer who has handled these issues before could help you deal with these charges, and keep your career and reputation on track. Work with a qualified criminal defense attorney and know that you are in capable hands. En Español.

Possible Defenses

Punishments for many criminal offenses have gotten tougher in recent years than they were in the past. Not long ago, federal and state authorities were grappling with rapidly increasing crime rates, and they responded by lengthening the amount of jail time someone can get for what were previously minor offenses. In turn, this change has made a strong legal defense that much more important to many people accused of a crime.

A major element when prosecuting solicitation offenses is proving that the defendant agreed to pay and/or did pay money in exchange for sexual favors. That means the best course for defending a solicitation charge may be for a Bridgeport solicitation lawyer to argue that no agreement to exchange sex for money ever really existed. To phrase this defense another way, the defendant charged with solicitation was discussing the prospect of a sexual encounter with another person, but the encounter was not contingent on the exchange of money.

Another potential defense could be to simply counter that the solicitation was not for sexual relations, but rather a flirtation. This defense refutes the intent and fee requirements of a solicitation charge.

Harsh Consequences for Solicitation

A person facing charges for solicitation of a prostitute faces serious legal and personal consequences that can have a devastating impact. In some criminal matters, pleading guilty could be a way to put the unfortunate incident in the past and make a fresh start. However, because the punishments for these crimes are so severe, and the stigma so long-lasting, it may be better in some circumstances to contest charges of solicitation as much as possible. A skilled Bridgeport solicitation lawyer could attempt to mitigate the penalties that a person faces.

Benefit of a Bridgeport Solicitation Lawyer

An experienced Bridgeport solicitation lawyer could challenge components of the prosecution’s case, requiring them to explain how they obtained that evidence and how it is relevant to the charges.

People accused of solicitation may be ashamed to discuss the matter with anyone. An attorney could listen to your story with respect and sympathy, and furthermore, ensure that you receive the protections you should under the Constitution.

Time may be of the essence, so if you are facing solicitation-related charges, call to schedule a consultation today.