Bridgeport Robbery Lawyer

In Connecticut, robbery is defined as committing a larceny offense with the use of force or threat of force. Larceny, or theft, is simply the taking of property of some value from another person or entity. It is considered robbery when force or the threat of force is involved. A robbery charge carries serious penalties such as jail time and expensive fines. Therefore, if you have been arrested for robbery, you may want contact a Bridgeport robbery lawyer. An experienced theft attorney could fight for you throughout your case by building a viable defense and keeping your best interests in mind.

Penalties for Robbery Charges

If someone is convicted of robbery in Bridgeport or anywhere else in Connecticut, they face the potential of incarceration. Also, any robbery charge is a felony that brings additional consequences such as the fines, probation, court costs, and restitution. The individual could face losing the ability to vote and to legally possess a firearm. Once a person is convicted of a felony, it could impact their ability to obtain gainful employment in the future. They will also be required to provide a DNA sample. The mere conviction alone triggers several consequences, but the most severe is the potential for jail time. The maximum jail time depends on the specific charge of the robbery. Robbery crimes can range from a Class D felony to a Class A felony. A Class A felony could result in 20 years in prison, while a Class D felony carries the potential of one to five years in jail. For more information about the penalties and how they apply to a specific case, reach out to a Bridgeport robbery lawyer.

Burden of Proof for the Prosecutor

In all criminal cases, the prosecutor has the burden of proof. This means that they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the offense. In this case, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed larceny with the use or threat of force. A Bridgeport robbery lawyer could review the case and build a defense that could go up against the prosecutor’s argument. The criminal defense attorney’s job is to fight on the defendant’s behalf and provide them with options from the beginning of the case.

How a Bridgeport Robbery Attorney Could Help

A robbery offense carries the potential for incarceration and other severe consequences, which means an individual seeking help from a criminal lawyer should hire one who has experience in the jurisdiction and has handled robbery charges before with success. If you have been arrested for robbery, you want an attorney who knows the types of issues that can arise in a robbery case and who knows how to build a strong defense. A Bridgeport robbery lawyer understands how to try the case, the court process, what types of evidence to look for, and how to challenge the state’s allegations. Contact a robbery attorney in Bridgeport today to get started on your defense for these serious charges.