Bridgeport Alimony Lawyer

One financial consequence of a divorce is the possibility of having to pay or receive spousal support payments. This kind of payment can have long-term consequences depending on how long the alimony will last and the amount to be paid each time.

When going through divorce proceedings, it is vitally important that you retain the services of a Bridgeport alimony lawyer. An experienced family law attorney can protect your interests and be by your side every step of the way.

Distinct Types of Alimony

A Bridgeport alimony lawyer knows that there are three kinds of spousal support that a court may award: periodic alimony, lifetime alimony, and a lump-sum payment. Periodic alimony is spousal support meant to be paid for a set period of time for which one spouse has to pay the other a set amount. This type of alimony will eventually end.

However, it can be terminated earlier than scheduled if either person dies or if the person receiving it remarries. Periodic alimony can also be modified provided that there has been a change in the situation from when the award was first made.

The opposite of this is lifetime alimony, which as the name indicates lasts the entire life of either spouse and ends when either one passes away. However, it is much harder to convince a court to award lifetime alimony.

What is the Role of the Court?

Generally, a court will make this decision if one spouse has very limited or no work experience at all and they have been married for a very long time. This type of alimony will end if the receiving spouse remarries. Lump sum alimony is a one-time award that can be paid off all at once or through a short series of installment payments which will end once the awarded sum is met. Courts are inclined to provide this amount if one spouse needs this money upfront rather than paid throughout their life. Unlike the other types of spousal support, this type cannot be ended or modified.

Unique Factors in Alimony

When deciding on the amount of alimony to be paid and the type of alimony to be awarded, the judge will examine many different factors, such as:

  • Career and income of each person
  • Health and age of each spouse
  • Earning potential of each person
  • General employability, vocational tools, and educational level of each person
  • Length of marriage
  • Reasons for ending the marriage
  • Division of property during the divorce
  • Financial needs and status of each person
  • When there are children, questions about whether it would be beneficial or possible for one parent to remain at home with the children

Contact a Bridgeport Alimony Attorney

There are many different factors, all equally important, that must be analyzed by a judge in order to decide the kind and amount of spousal support that should be paid in the divorce. When it is such an important financial decision you do not want to move forward without a Bridgeport alimony lawyer. An attorney can help you litigate this issue in court, where they will fight for a fair award based on all the factors.

Alternatively, they may be able to work with your former spouse and their lawyer to reach a compromise through negotiation. For either option, a lawyer will be able to represent you and your needs in regard to spousal support. A Bridgeport alimony lawyer can explain the law to you and help you strategize a way forward with your divorce and your life.