Bridgeport Child Custody Lawyer

The breakdown of a relationship is a traumatic event that can drastically change the remainder of both parties’ lives. Making custodial decisions for children, under those circumstances, can be difficult, particularly when someone feels wronged.

It is difficult to be fair and think objectively when you feel wronged. It is easy to inadvertently use your children as instruments to hurt the person that wronged you under those circumstances.

Being blinded by hurt and making decisions based on that hurt can be harmful to the other person’s relationship with the child or children. If you and your former partner are making custodial decisions for your child or children after the breakdown of a relationship in Bridgeport, contact an experienced child custody attorney for assistance immediately. A Bridgeport family law attorney can build a case to help produce a successful result on your behalf.

Best Interest of the Child

When parents are unable to reach a child custody decision amongst themselves, the court will intervene to establish who the residential parent will be. The residential parent is the parent with whom the child lives the majority of the year. The court will also determine how often the non-residential parent will have access to the child when the court has to intervene in a child custody decision.

In any proceeding, whereby the court has to make a child custody determination for minor children, that decision will always be made using the Best Interest of the Child standard. Since the parents actually know their child or children, it is usually in the family’s best interest to reach a custodial decision without the court’s intervention.

While the court’s determination will objectively be in the best interest of the child, that determination may not give either parent as much access to the child as they would prefer, which, ultimately, may affect the child.

In addition to considering factors that are directly related to the preferences and well-being of the child in making a decision based on the best interest of the child, the court will also consider the parents’ abilities to provide the child with a stable home and the likelihood that the parents will encourage a relationship between the other parent and the child, among other factors.

Attorney Representation

The best way to ensure that kids do not suffer more than is inherent in a divorce is for the parents to protect them by working with each other. An experienced child custody lawyer in Bridgeport will try to prevent the parents from using the child as a negotiating tool in a divorce proceeding.

A knowledgeable Bridgeport child custody attorney will ensure that when a parent objects to child custody terms that they are aware whether the objection is reasonable and, if there is an unreasonable objection, the reason for the objection has merit. In short, a skilled attorney will ensure that a parent does not inadvertently harm their case without knowledge.

An experienced child custody lawyer in Bridgeport knows that if the court becomes aware that either parent is engaged in behavior that harms the other parent’s relationship with the child, it can adversely affect custody arrangements.

Contact a Bridgeport Child Custody Lawyer

If you are separating from your partner and the relationship resulted in children, contact a child custody attorney in Bridgeport who has experience handling similar cases. This is likely one of the most important legal matters that you will face so it is important that you find a Bridgeport attorney that is right for your family.