Bridgeport High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

High-asset divorces are especially complicated since divorcing parties have more property to divide and are accustomed to a higher standard of living – all of which may trigger heightened emotions and make the divorce proceedings more contentious. If you are going through or considering a divorce and are concerned about your high-level assets, a Bridgeport high-asset divorce lawyer may be able to help protect your rights and finances. Contact an experienced divorce attorney to begin planning your proceedings.

Hiding Assets in a High Net Worth Divorce

A high-asset divorce attorney can help with determining whether or not one spouse is hiding assets.  In order to determine an equitable division of property, the parties need to be aware of all existing assets, their value, and where they are held. Sometimes parties attempt to conceal the extent of their assets, especially if they are held only in one person’s name. Courts will have to determine whether or not assets are considered marital property.

A Bridgeport high-asset divorce lawyer can help gain a thorough accounting of the marital and personal assets and work to ensure each spouse is being forthright with the other when it comes to property. It is impossible to achieve a fair and equitable divorce unless parties are adequately abreast of the big picture when it comes to their assets.

Common High Asset Divorce Issues

Some of the issues that come into play with a high net worth divorce include:

  • Parties have business assets, or have gone into business with each other
  • One spouse transfers or tries to hide assets by putting them in the name of a friend or family member
  • Tax implications
  • Inheritances and premarital assets
  • Stocks, bonds, and investments
  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Trusts
  • Real estate properties

There are a number of reasons why high net worth divorce can be more complex. In addition to dealing with a great amount of wealth, high net worth proceedings take longer and are therefore more costly. At times they may also be high profile. The parties may want to consider keeping their divorce proceedings private or asking the court to seal the filings and related documents.

Help From Experienced Legal Counsel

Families with considerable wealth face their own specific challenges when it comes to dividing their assets, and this may require the experience of a skilled high-asset divorce attorney. A high net worth divorce can be even more frustrating and emotionally fraught than a more standard divorce.

When wealthy parties plan to work together in mediation, for instance, it is important to involve a lawyer to ensure the terms agreed upon are fair and equitable. A knowledgeable Bridgeport high-asset divorce lawyer can help you seek fair and equitable division of your wealth and make sure that you are in the best position possible as you move forward with your life.