Bridgeport Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer 

You may think that a partner may react negatively to or express concerns when you start a conversation about a prenuptial agreement. However, prenuptial agreements are designed to protect you and your family’s financial future. While this may be difficult to start, often, it is necessary to safeguard yourself. Other times, this request may be required by one’s family or a business that someone is involved in.

If you are the partner that is being asked for a prenuptial agreement, you should not automatically assume your relationship is not strong. Your relationship may come out stronger once you have decided on how to handle any future financial issues that may come up. This is a form of planning for your future just in case.

You should consider that, while the other person asked for a prenuptial agreement, a distinguished family law attorney can help represent you so that the agreement is fair for you as well. A Bridgeport prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you design an agreement that both partners can agree to and feel good about. Attorneys can also make sure that any agreement you sign has the best chance of being upheld in a court if it ever comes to that. En Español.

Connecticut Laws on Prenuptial Agreements

Bridgeport prenuptial agreement attorneys can help couples with the initial part of planning the contract, which is that it must be in writing and signed by both parties.

The law regulates the contents of a prenuptial agreement. The contents allowed by law are:

  • Any rights and obligations to property
  • Right to use, transfer, exchange, sell, buy any property
  • How to divide up property in case of death, divorce, separation or any other event labeled in the agreement
  • Changing or removing spousal support
  • Creation of a trust or will
  • Rights and ownership to life insurance policies
  • Rights to any retirement plans
  • Which state’s laws apply to the prenuptial agreement
  • Any other issues regarding the marriage

It allows for almost all things except what would violate public policy or the law. It also clearly makes it illegal to include provisions about children in there.

What is the Likelihood of Modifying an Agreement?

Any prenuptial agreement can be modified or canceled but that must also be in writing. Some prenuptial agreements will not be enforced by a court because one person entered the agreement involuntarily. Or it is unconscionable to uphold the agreement because it was unconscionable at the time it was created or when it is being enforced.

Prenuptial agreements will also not be enforced if one person did not provide a full, fair or reasonable disclosure of their finances. Agreements will not be upheld if one person did not have a chance to find and consult with a Bridgeport prenuptial agreement lawyer.

A court will not enforce a spousal support agreement that will put one spouse in poverty or on the reliance of government support. Instead, the agreement will be modified to make sure that the person does not end up in that situation.

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

There are many ways that a prenuptial agreement can benefit a married couple. This kind of agreement can help protect wealth inherited from family or earned through a business and assure partners that their marriage is not for financial motives. It is a contract that can outline property and how it should be divided, set up amounts for spousal support, split debts between each person and potentially protect inheritance set out for your children. If you are concerned about a prenuptial agreement, you should speak to a Bridgeport prenuptial agreement lawyer that can review your agreement and help create one that fulfills your needs.