Bridgeport Separation Agreement Lawyer 

When couples are considering a divorce, often they turn to a separation first. Through a trial separation, a couple will get a practice run at what divorced life will be like. During this time, both individuals will get the chance to ultimately decide if they want to leave the marriage or work on it and continue living together.

If you are in this situation and want to separate from your spouse, you should consider first getting a separation agreement. It is important to speak with a skilled family law attorney because divorces and separations can be financially confusing times. A Bridgeport separation agreement lawyer can help make this situation a bit less complicated. En Español.

Benefits of a Separation Agreement

If someone does not want to separate, there are numerous benefits to drafting and entering into a separation agreement.

  • Provide stability to children by creating a temporary custody and visitation schedule
  • Financial security by agreeing to a specific amount of spousal support
  • Ability to provide for children through child support agreements
  • Clarifying shared debts, for example, deciding how to continue paying the mortgage that both are responsible for even if one person no longer lives there
  • Deciding where each person should live

Connecticut Laws on Separation Agreements

There is a three-month waiting period before a couple can file for a legal separation. The impact of a legal separation is that it dissolves the marriage but neither party is free to remarry unless they go forward with a divorce. One purpose for this of is that it removes any obligations for health insurance or other third-party benefits awarded to married couples. At the same time, a separated by married couple may still be eligible for certain federal benefits.

What are Common Misconceptions?

Simply living apart is not a legal separation. In fact, living separately without any sort of separation agreement probably leaves couples vulnerable to legal issues such as spousal support or custody.

The grounds for a legal separation are the same as the grounds for divorce. It can be based on no-fault which means that the relationship is just beyond repair. Or it can be based on specific grounds such as adultery, cruelty, abandonment, or an 18 month or longer separation.

If prior to this, the couple decides they want to resume their marriage they can file a declaration of resumption which will make the separation agreement no longer valid. It may be critical for couple to contact a Bridgeport separation agreement lawyer to discuss their case.

What Happens if the Couple Chooses to Proceed to Divorce?

If a couple wants to move forward to a divorce then the separation agreement or legal separation can be merged into the divorce decree. What this means is that the terms of the separation agreement will be the same terms for the divorce. Connecticut courts are divided on whether they will allow a court to change the terms because of changed circumstances or uphold any terms in the original agreement. Legal separation can be very similar to a divorce. This also means it is as complicated and as important as a divorce. Separation can have a huge impact on finances and personal life, especially if there are children in the marriage.

How a Bridgeport Separation Agreement Attorney Can Help

To better understand how a separation agreement can affect you, you should speak with a Bridgeport separation agreement lawyer. You have the choice of going in front of a judge and arguing about each issue ranging from spousal support to child custody. An attorney may be able to work with the other side to reach a settlement where both sides can compromise.