Cheshire Alimony Lawyer

The financial consequences of a divorce can reverberate throughout the rest of your life. Some of the most common financial issues that arise in a divorce are child support, property division, and spousal support. Spousal support can be a life-changing amount for either party.

For the person receiving it, it may be the amount that prevents them from becoming impoverished. For the person paying, it can be the difference between living extremely frugally or comfortably. Either way, you should speak with a Cheshire alimony lawyer to understand what you should anticipate generally in a divorce and specifically for spousal support. Contact a skilled family lawyer about preparing alimony for the future of your family.

Alimony Factors in Cheshire

When deciding on alimony, a court has to examine a variety of factors. Cheshire alimony lawyers know that these factors help a judge gain a better idea of the current financial situation and financial future of each person and how spousal support should be allocated. The factors a court will look at are:

  • How long the marriage was
  • Causes for the end of the relationship
  • Each person’s age
  • Health of both sides
  • The station, in society, financially, educationally, of each person in life
  • Each person’s profession
  • Sources and amount of income
  • The working skills of each person and how employable they are
  • Each person’s estate
  • Obligations and needs of each person
  • Whether it is wanted that the custodial parent is employed

Alimony Categories

The first type of alimony is called lump sum alimony. This type of support will be set as either a large one-time payment or a series of installment payments until the final amount is paid. Ideally, the process will only have to occur once but if there are installments then it will be over once the court ordered amount has been completed. This allows a person to wrap up this part of the divorce decree and no longer have to worry about ongoing spousal support payments. This kind of alimony cannot be terminated or modified.

Term or periodic alimony only lasts for a very specific time period. For the number of years set by the court, one spouse must pay the other on a regular basis. However, the amount for the payment can be modified if circumstances have changed. This kind of spousal support can be ended if the person that receives it marries someone else.

There is lifetime alimony which lasts until a circumstance arises that terminates it. Lifetime alimony ends on the death of either party or on the remarriage of the receiving spouse. You should be aware it is much harder to obtain and is usually reserved for a marriage that has lasted a long time where one spouse has much greater financial resources than the other.

How a Cheshire Alimony Attorney Can Help

Divorces are complicated and can impair the rest of your life if you do not take control and fight for what you believe is fair in your divorce. If you believe you are owed spousal support, you could need a lawyer that can argue why you are owed a certain amount for a duration of time.

If you are being asked to pay alimony, you may want a lawyer that can show why the factors would make it unfair for you to have to continually support a former spouse. Your lawyer can also provide you with alternatives such as litigation versus negotiation. Speak to a Cheshire alimony lawyer to find out what legal rights you have and how to obtain them.