Cheshire Separation Agreement Lawyer 

When couples are struggling to reconcile differences in their marriage, many choose to use legal separations as a trial to see how a divorce would impact them. Before making any agreements or signing any paperwork, though, it may be best to have legal representatives look over the terms and ensure you are protected.

A Cheshire separation agreement lawyer can assist you in drafting an agreement that works for you, your spouse, and your entire family. Contact an experienced attorney right away for assistance.

Common Reasons to Create a Separation Agreement

The main benefit of a separation agreement is the temporary resolution it may provide a couple while they are deciding whether to continue with their marriage.

The clauses found in a separation agreement typically cover various social and financial aspects of a split between two married partners. Often, a separation agreement is used to decide living arrangements for each partner, including which partner gets to stay in the residence they previously shared. If the couple has children, a child custody and visitation schedule may also be established, for the sake of increased stability for both children and parents.

On the economic side of the agreement, there may be determinations made regarding spousal and/or child support and the timeframe within which such payments must be made. The separation agreement may also dictate which partner is responsible for certain bill or loans, which can be especially important in the case of shared financial responsibilities such as a mortgage.

Cheshire Laws on Separation Agreements

Couples have the option to create a separation agreement through their Cheshire separation agreement attorneys. Alternatively, one partner may file for a legal separation through the court system.

In a legal separation, the couple is unable to remarry, but their current marriage is dissolved. If at any point a couple changes their mind, they can file a declaration of resumption which ends the legal separation agreement.

To file for a legal separation, the filing partner must state the grounds on which they want to separate. If appropriate, these grounds can take the form of a no-fault agreement, which means neither side is considered at fault but the relationship has deteriorated to a point where it cannot recover.

Barring such an agreement, a specific fault such as intolerable cruelty, abandonment, or infidelity is usually brought forth as grounds for separation.

For this kind of legal separation, there is a minimum waiting period of three months before a request for separation can proceed in court.

Moving From Separation to Divorce

If a legally separated couple decides they want to divorce, then the legal separation will be merged with the divorce decree. In the case of a separation agreement, the agreement will be taken into consideration when a judge makes decisions regarding issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support.

Consult with a Cheshire Separation Agreement Attorney Today

If you are considering a separation or divorce, a meeting with a Cheshire separation agreement lawyer is usually a good first step. Your lawyer can represent you both in court and during negotiations with the other side.

Furthermore, if you already have a separation agreement a divorce law attorney can help you determine how a divorce might affect or change the conditions of that agreement. When splitting up financial assets and time between your children, it may be of great benefit to retain a lawyer who can passionately and accurately represent your wants and needs.