Cheshire Personal Injury Lawyer

Being injured in an accident can lead to significant pain, worry, and stress. You may not be able to perform the duties of your job or enjoy life in the way that you did prior to the accident. Whether your impairment lasts for weeks, months, or years, you could be entitled to compensation for your injury.

Contacting an attorney to discuss your situation could be the first step toward financial recovery. Call a Cheshire personal injury lawyer today if you or someone you love suffered injury in an accident due to another person’s negligence.

Filing Deadline for a Personal Injury Claim

According to Connecticut General Statutes §52-584, an individual who has sustained an injury due to negligence or recklessness has two years in which to file a personal injury lawsuit. Failure to file a lawsuit by the deadline could result in the loss of the right to recover damages, as the other party is likely to get a time-barred claim dismissed.

However, there are factors such as the date on which the injury was or should have been discovered that could affect the filing deadline, so it is important to determine how such issues may impact a person’s ability to file a lawsuit and recover damages. Discussing the circumstances surrounding an individual case with a Cheshire personal injury attorney could help with determining the deadline for a specific claim.

Damages Recoverable Through a Civil Lawsuit

Injured individuals may be able to seek compensation for their injuries if someone else is deemed legally responsible for causing them. If a person or entity failed to exercise reasonable care, thereby resulting in injury to another party, that person or entity could be liable for damages. The following types of damages are common in personal injury claims:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

There are many types of medical expenses which may be recovered for in a personal injury claim, including rehabilitation services, physical therapy, and emergency medical care. Getting immediate medical attention following an accident could both benefit an individual’s health and generate a medical record of their accident-related injuries, the latter of which may be key to recovering compensation through civil litigation.

Loss of income is another common element of civil damages, as some individuals might not be able to work due to their injuries. In cases involving severe injuries, an injury could even impact an individual’s future earnings.

It could be necessary to provide employment records or other evidence to demonstrate an individual’s loss of income. A personal injury lawyer in Cheshire could provide assistance in gathering records and other documentation in support of a personal injury claim.

Contact a Cheshire Personal Injury Attorney Today

There are many benefits to pursuing a personal injury claim as soon as possible. It could be easier to build a case when memories are fresh and evidence is easier to acquire. Getting an earlier start could also help to preserve an individual’s right to recover damages.

Do not delay in seeking compensation if a negligent person or company caused you to sustain injuries in an accident. Call a Cheshire personal injury lawyer as soon as you can.