Cheshire Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Losing a limb, suffering extensive scarring, and paralysis are a few of the many potential injuries victims of catastrophic accidents may face. These and other harm can leave you or your loved one facing significant expenditures for necessary medical care at a time when you or they may be unable to work.

The law provides a way for victims of severe injuries to obtain restitution where their harm is due to another person’s actions. Filing a lawsuit and seeking compensation for your losses with the help of a Cheshire catastrophic injury lawyer may be the avenue through which you can receive reimbursement for bills, invoices, missed wages, and other losses you experienced.

Compensation Available to Cheshire Injury Victims

Individuals who experience catastrophic injuries can quickly find themselves buried beneath the weight of thousands of dollars in medical-related expenses. In addition, many injured individuals must miss considerable time from work to recover fully. Some individuals may never be able to return to work due to the severity of their injuries.

Through a successful injury lawsuit, the court may award the plaintiff compensation for expenses, losses, and other damages the plaintiff suffered. The plaintiff may also recover compensation for anticipated future costs related to the injury. This damages award may cover the following:

  • The costs of emergency room treatment, hospital stays, and surgeries
  • Fees associated with rehabilitative, occupational, and other therapies
  • Bills related to counseling, if the plaintiff developed a mental condition such as anxiety
  • Wages that the plaintiff did not earn due to having to be absent from work as well as wages their injuries prevent them from making in the future
  • The loss of the ability to fully enjoy one’s life due to physical limitations

The plaintiff bears the burden of establishing the amount of compensation they need in their situations. Evidence must support this amount, such as invoices from providers, timesheets or payroll records, and testimony as to how the plaintiff’s injuries have impacted them. A Cheshire catastrophic injury lawyer may be able to assist plaintiffs in developing an appropriate and supportable compensation figure for their claims.

Steps to Recovering Monetary Damages

Injured plaintiffs begin the legal recovery process by filing a petition in the civil division of the local superior court. In the petition, the plaintiff must lay out the facts of the accident and the legal reasons why the plaintiff believes they are entitled to a monetary damages award from the defendant. According to Connecticut General Statutes Annotated § 52-584, the plaintiff must file their petition within two years of the date they sustained their injury.

The court has the general authority to set timelines and deadlines for the plaintiff and defendant to engage in discovery before trial. This allows each side to obtain information and evidence about the injury that the other may have in their possession. Once discovery has ended, the case may proceed to a trial where the plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s careless actions caused the plaintiff’s injuries by a preponderance of the evidence.

The plaintiff and the defendant may reach a settlement agreement at any time. Most settlements require the defendant to pay a certain sum of monetary compensation to the plaintiff, and the plaintiff dismisses their lawsuit in return. There are both benefits and drawbacks to settling a lawsuit, and Cheshire plaintiffs may find the advice of a lawyer helpful in deciding whether to accept a settlement in their cases.

Speak with an Experienced Cheshire Catastrophic Injury Attorney

When you or a loved one suffer devastating harm in an accident that leaves you disabled, disfigured, paralyzed, or with other catastrophic harm, seek legal help as soon as possible from a Cheshire catastrophic injury lawyer. Your attorney may assist you in determining the extent of damage that you suffered and in preparing and filing a petition seeking compensation. Talk to a knowledgeable attorney today about your next steps.