Guilford Personal Injury Lawyer

You might be experiencing a tremendous amount of worry, pain, and stress if you have recently been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. Moderate and severe injuries can interfere with the way in which an individual goes about their daily life, and you should be able to focus on getting better rather than on corresponding with an insurance adjuster about your losses.

Contacting a Guilford personal injury attorney could be beneficial as you consider your legal options. A seasoned attorney could take on the burden of gathering evidence, corresponding with insurance adjusters, and working to resolve the claim.

What Happens if an Injured Party is Partially at Fault in Guilford?

A party that faces liability for injuries may attempt to argue that the injured party contributed to their own injuries. A driver who ran a red light and caused the collision may argue that the injured individual was speeding through the intersection when the collision occurred, or a property owner may argue that an individual who sustained a slip and fall injury was wearing improper shoes and thus bears some responsibility in the accident.

In these and other ways, comparative negligence is an issue which could arise in many different types of personal injury claims. In Connecticut, injured parties who are partially at fault in the accident could still be able to recover damages with a Guilford personal injury attorney’s assistance.

However, the percentage of fault assigned to the injured party is important. An injured party may still be able to recover so long as their negligence was not greater than the negligence of the other party. However, they may face a reduction in the damages that they can recover.

Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim

Although the parties may be able to reach a settlement agreement, filing a lawsuit could become necessary in order for an injured individual to get fair compensation. A personal injury lawyer in Guilford could review records and reports, assess the value of a claim, and negotiate on an individual’s behalf during this process.

If, however, the settlement offers are too low, it may be important to consider filing a lawsuit before the filing deadline approaches. In Connecticut, there is generally a two-year window in which an injured party may file a personal injury lawsuit. Failure to comply with the deadline set by the statute of limitations could lead to a dismissal of the claim and the loss of the right to recover damages.

Through a personal injury claim, an individual may be able to recover for lost wages, medical expenses, and non-economic damages. Future losses and expenses may be a consideration where, for example, an individual’s injury is so severe that they will require years of future medical care. Likewise, loss of future earning capacity could be recoverable.

How a Guilford Personal Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help

A seasoned attorney could help an injured party gather the necessary documentation in support of their claim and assess damages. It could be important to get started on your personal injury claim as soon as possible, though, in consideration of the deadlines which apply to these claims. Do not hesitate to contact a Guilford personal injury lawyer for a confidential consultation if you were injured in an accident due to another person’s negligence.