Madison Child Support Lawyer

Not paying child support is frowned upon, and it can create animosity between a parent and the child they should be supporting each month. Often a parent will fall behind in their payments and problems will develop. Child support laws exist to ensure the wellbeing of children under the age of 18, who have been affected by a divorce or other family breakdown.

If you want to apply for child support or you are a parent who is behind on child support payments, you need to consult with a knowledgeable Madison child support lawyer who can explain your rights and legal options. Compassionate family law attorneys can work hard to protect your family’s rights.

Determining the Agreement

Parents have three different ways to determine a child support agreement for their child or children. Parents can reach an agreement through informal discussions and negotiations. Parents may reach a child support agreement through mediation or a collaborative law process outside a court. They can be mandated to reach an agreement by a court order.

In all three instances, it is recommended to utilize the services of a Madison child support lawyer, who knows the child support laws and can see that parents and their child are treated fairly in the final agreement. Ultimately, it is the well-being of the child that is paramount.

Approving and Finalizing Agreements in Court

A Child Support Agreement in a court setting will be submitted to the court for a judge to review. A judge will examine the agreement to make sure no coercion by either party has taken place. They will review to ensure the fairness of the agreement. After the judge approves the child support agreement, it will become an official part of the divorce decree, if the couple was married.

If a child is born outside of marriage, there is no legal presumption of paternity, as in the case of a married couple. In this situation, the court will order the alleged father to submit to a paternity test to establish the fatherhood of the child. When the father of the child is established, the court will issue a child support order just like it would for a married couple undergoing a divorce.

Failing to Pay Child Support

Child support laws require a non-custodial parent to pay a monthly allowance to help the custodial parent cover the expenses of their child or children together. A court of law will determine the amount to be paid. When a parent does not keep up with their child support payments, they may face hefty fines even jail time for failing to fulfill their financial duties.

If one falls behind in their child support payments, they should contact a Madison child support lawyer to seek counsel and solutions concerning late payments to possibly avoid these undesirable consequences.

Contact a Madison Child Support Attorney

The wellbeing of your child most often depends on the type of child support they receive from their parents. If you are a parent trying to get child support from the other parent who is not paying, it may be frustrating and upsetting.

You should seek the legal advice of a Madison child support lawyer to get solutions for the dilemma and the support your child needs and deserves.