Madison Separation Agreement Lawyer

For married couples who do not wish to pursue a divorce, a legal separation may be a practical alternative. A couple who chooses to separate will remain legally married until they officially decide to obtain a divorce. If you and your spouse are considering a legal separation, you will need to have an agreement in place that will govern it.

A professional Madison separation agreement lawyer could help you draft a separation agreement or obtain a separation decree from a Madison court, and provide advice and counsel during the legal separation process. Read on to learn more about how a skilled family attorney could offer you their assistance today. En Español.

What is a Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a type of agreement that a couple can use to decide many of the common issues that arise toward the end of a marriage. Issues that are typically addressed within a separation agreement may include child support, child custody, child visitation, spousal support, and the division of marital property.

Couples frequently use a period of separation as a trial run for divorce. After finalizing their separation with the help of a dedicated Madison separation agreement lawyer, the two spouses begin living separately and apart, and during this period may be able to determine what life would be like if they did choose to pursue a divorce. Reach out to a reliable family lawyer to learn more.

Grounds for Legal Separation in Madison

The grounds for legal separation in the state of Connecticut are the same as the state’s grounds for divorce. Grounds for legal separation in Madison include:

  • Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage
  • Adultery
  • Abandonment
  • Desertion
  • Cruelty
  • Fraud

Couples who have dealt with these experiences may be able to find solace with a compassionate Madison separation agreement lawyer who can help expedite the separation process as much as possible.

Creating, Enforcing, and Modifying a Separation Agreement in Madison

A couple’s decision to live apart from one another does not automatically equate to a legal separation. In order for a legal separation to be granted, the couple must first draft a formal separation agreement. The agreement must be signed by both parties in order to be enforceable. Once a separation agreement is drafted, the agreement must then be submitted to a Madison court.

A judge will review the agreement and issue what is known as a separation decree. This is a court order that specifically incorporates the terms of the couple’s separation agreement. The parties are then legally obligated to abide by the agreement’s terms. If one spouse chooses not to follow the separation decree, the other spouse may petition the court to enforce its order. There are several penalties that courts can impose upon individuals who fail to comply with a court order, including criminal contempt of court.

Separation decrees are not final. A separation agreement may be modified at any time as long as both spouses consent to the modification. If the couple ultimately decides to pursue a divorce following their separation period, the court-issued separation decree can be merged into their divorce decree. Know that a qualified Madison separation agreement lawyer can help during both of these processes by ensuring that the agreement is fair and does not take advantage of either party.

How a Madison Separation Agreement Lawyer Can Help

To determine if a separation agreement is in the best interest of you and your spouse, it may be best to first speak with a knowledgeable Madison separation agreement lawyer. An attorney could help you draft an agreement that best fits your situation. Once an agreement is drafted, your lawyer could then walk you through the court process and work to ensure the agreement is finalized. To learn more about separation agreements in Madison, contact a qualified Madison separation agreement lawyer today to schedule a consultation.