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A DUI charge is a serious matter that can haunt you for years if it leads to a conviction. A Meriden DUI lawyer can help you understand and assert your rights. If you’re unfamiliar with how the system works, the process of dealing with a DUI charge can be intimidating and overwhelming. Let a defense lawyer in Meriden experienced in this area guide you through the process while preparing you for what to expect at each step. En Español.

Benefit of Legal Representation

Our DUI attorneys work on these cases frequently. We will make sure that you are utilizing all the legal tools available to you. We will help you develop a case strategy. We will investigate the facts of your case to determine if your rights may have been violated during your arrest.

If there has been a violation that you’re unaware of, it could mean that certain evidence can’t be used against you, which could weaken the case against you. We will make sure you have all the facts and information you need going into your day in court.

Connecticut DUI Laws

DUI laws can be found in Connecticut General Assembly Sec. 14-227a. It is unlawful in Connecticut to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The law applies to operating anything that is propelled by a motor, including not just vehicles but also snowmobiles, ATV’s, power boats, and golf carts.

By choosing to drive in Connecticut, drivers are deemed to have consented to take a blood alcohol test. A blood alcohol content of .08% or greater is considered legally drunk. Drivers under 21 years of age can get a DUI with a blood alcohol content of .02% or greater. A conviction for a DUI can cost $500-$1000 in fines and can lead to jail time. Penalties for subsequent DUIs are even more severe making it imperative a DUI lawyer in Meriden is contacted by those accused.

Building a Defense

We represent our clients zealously from start to finish. We know that every situation is different, so we give each of our clients a detailed assessment of their case and legal advice tailored to their particular situation.

Our attorneys will investigate the facts of each case and gather reports and information related to the arrest. We can then explain the process step by step and explore all possible outcomes and negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf to potentially settle without having to go through a trial.

Hire a Meriden DUI attorney today, and you’ll receive full-scope services through the completion of your case.

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Let us go to work for you. We will advocate for you. We will determine what your objectives are and tailor a strategy to try to achieve those objectives. We will be there with you at all court appearances. We will prepare you for what’s to come. With the tools and resources we can offer you, you’ll be confident in knowing that you’re prepared for your day in court and will know what to expect at each stage. Get your initial consultation today.