Meriden Gun Lawyer

Police and prosecutors have recently begun focusing their efforts on aggressively pursuing firearm violations, especially due to the increasing publicity of high-profile shootings. Gun crimes in Meriden County include, but are not limited to, the failure to perform a background check, possessing a firearm while on parole, violating a dealer’s license, and other charges. If someone is charged with such criminal actions, they will need an experienced Meriden gun lawyer to help them gather pertinent information, build a defense, and who is willing to dedicate their time and energy to work towards earning a positive outcome in a case. En Español.

Overview of Gun Laws in Meriden

The State of Connecticut has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States following legislative enhancements in 2013. In this state especially, it is important to have quality legal counsel to aid in a gun charges case.

One of the important changes to the system enacted in 2014 is that in addition to penalties such as fines and imprisonment, persons convicted of gun charges must register with the Deadly Weapon Offender Registry, which is run by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP).

The penalties in the State of Connecticut regarding gun charges can be very severe. If someone is charged with and convicted for carrying a dangerous gun that is deemed illegal to carry by the State of Connecticut, which is a felony, they could be punished with up to three years in prison and/or fines up to $500 (see CGS §53-206).

Even more seriously, if someone commits a Class A, B, or C felony while in possession of a firearm, they may incur an additional non-suspendable imprisonment of five years, not including their prison time for the felony itself (see CGS §53-202j,k).

Benefits of a Meriden Gun Attorney

If someone has a gun charge on their record, they may face serious penalties both in a legal sense as well as in terms of gaining employment, education, and other important aspects of life.

Gun charge arrests often involve complicated legal issues, especially if another charge such as robbery is involved. State law enforcement tends to aggressively pursue gun charges cases and attempt to get speedy convictions and penalties enforced. It is imperative for someone to know their rights when they are arrested on a gun-related charge, and a Meriden gun attorney can give them the assistance they need to effectively pursue their case.

The prosecution can be especially severe when pursuing crimes related to firearms, and an experienced gun lawyer in Meriden will understand this and know how to defend their client and protect their rights in the criminal justice system.

How to Get Help

In such situations where the consequences of a conviction are so serious, it is important that your case is assessed fully and your particular situation is taken into account. Our knowledgeable Meriden gun lawyers offer a wide variety of services to assist you in your case, from completing paperwork, to preparing a defense, to representing you at any court appearances if needed.

We will be with you at every step of the way to guide you on legal strategy and update you with the detailed knowledge we have obtained through our years of experience. Above all, our goal is to make sure your case ends in the most favorable outcome possible.