Meriden Student Defense Lawyer

University life provides millions of people all over the United States with the opportunity to obtain an education, learn about themselves, and engage in new activities. For some students, however, this overwhelming freedom can lead to legal and administrative troubles.

If you are facing criminal charges while attending a college or university, you could benefit from hiring a Meriden student defense lawyer. An established defense attorney may be able to help you better understand the charges you are facing and could work to ensure you remain in school and avoid excessive legal or academic penalties.

When to Call a Student Defense Lawyer

There are many different offenses students can be charged with while attending a college or university. Some of these charges may only result in school proceedings while others are criminal and can result in jail time. Most institutions of higher education have their own internal honor code as well, which can result in expulsion for anyone who violates it.

No matter what type of charge a student is facing, they may have a significant need for experienced legal representation. Depending on the circumstances, Meriden student defense attorneys may take the following types of cases:

These are not the only issues that can arise on a college campus, and a skilled attorney may be able to handle additional issues such as assault, theft, and drug possession or distribution.

The True Cost of a Criminal Conviction

When a young person is convicted of a crime, their entire life can change forever. A criminal record can hinder them in many ways, and even convictions for minor offenses can reflect poorly on them when the time to find employment and housing arrives. If the offense is serious enough, a conviction can even result in jail time, post-release supervision, and enormous legal costs and fines.

Many schools do not allow individuals convicted of certain crimes to remain enrolled, and the prospect of expulsion is very real for young offenders. To make matters worse, it can be even harder to start over after expulsion over criminal charges, since many universities and colleges do not admit students with certain offenses on their criminal records. Simply put, if a college student is facing criminal charges, they (or their parents) may need the services of a Meriden student defense lawyer.

Honor Code Violations

As mentioned previously, many schools have opted to implement some sort of honor code on their campuses. These codes typically prohibit behaviors that are deemed destructive to students, instructors, and the school in general. Actions such as cheating on tests or allowing non-students in a dorm without permission may constitute honor code violations for students.

Colleges and universities often address honor code violations through administrative proceedings, during which the student is usually allowed to have legal representation, call witnesses, and submit evidence they believe may be in their favor. If found guilty of a violation, the student in question may be suspended or expelled.

Reach Out to a Meriden Student Defense Attorney

Students who do not have a criminal record tend to have greater access to career opportunities and post-graduation opportunities than those with criminal convictions for even minor offenses. If you want to avoid a conviction in criminal or student court, it would be wise to hire an attorney who knows how to handle cases that impact college students and young people. Reach out to a Meriden student defense lawyer today if you are ready to discuss your case.