Meriden Adoption Lawyer

Family is one of the most important aspects of life. When the time comes to consider expanding their family, many people do so through adoption.

The adoption process can be daunting, but working with a Meriden adoption lawyer who takes the time to understand the unique needs and goals of your family may make the process less intimidating.

Whether you and your spouse are looking to expand your family or you are considering step-parent or other forms of familial adoption, there are several important legal factors to consider when thinking about the adoption process. While every adoption is a unique experience, they do share some common factors, and a skilled family law attorney can explain those factors. Work a compassionate lawyer and know that you are in capable hands. En Español.

Adoption Basics

Both individuals and couples may consider adoption. When married couples choose to adopt, both spouses must consent to the adoption. When children over the age of 14 are the subject of adoptions, they must personally consent to any adoption no matter what relationship they may have with the parent or parents wishing to adopt. Usually, adoption results in a new birth certificate where the adoptive parents are listed as the child’s parents. The original birth certificate is sealed, but qualified individuals can request permission from the court to examine it.

Adoptions Through an Agency

When an agency is involved in an adoption, the state has typically released a child into that agency’s care for the purpose of placing the child in an adoptive home. There are important legal requirements that birth parents must fulfill to make a placement with the agency legally, including formally consenting to do so.

Individuals and spouses looking to adopt through an agency will usually be interviewed as the first step in the process. The agency will likely complete a series of home visits, including supplemental visits that may be necessary to ensure the environment is appropriate for a specific child’s needs.

Additional legal paperwork is necessary for the parents to officially begin the adoption process through the agency, and it is often important to review these with an experienced adoption lawyer. Doing so may help ensure that all paperwork complies with the law—including forms required from the agency itself—in order to avoid any unnecessary delays. The final adoption order is usually entered several months later, once both the parents and the agency determine that the circumstances of the adoption work for everyone.

Familial Adoptions

Also known as related adoptions, familial adoptions occur when at least one of the parents is related to the child. This is often something step-parents consider as blended families start to take shape. They may also include adoptions by grandparents or other family members in some circumstances.

There are several important factors involving consent in these circumstances. A Meriden adoption lawyer could be especially helpful in working with individuals to help them understand the familial adoption process.

Value of a Meriden Adoption Attorney

The addition of children to a family brings new challenges and rewarding experiences for just about everyone whose life those children touch. When you are considering something as important as adoption, it could be crucial to ensure compliance with all laws and procedures governing that process.

Working with an experienced adoption attorney could allow you to focus more of your attention on your family throughout the adoption process. For help with adoption and related family law needs, contact a dedicated Meriden adoption lawyer today to see how they can be a part of building your family.