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One of the most important considerations in the divorce process is alimony, which is also sometimes referred to as spousal support. Alimony obligations can have a significant financial impact on both the spouse obligated to pay them and the spouse receiving payments. En Español.

Given the important role alimony can play in a divorce, it is often one of the more challenging issues for spouses to work through. When alimony is part of your divorce, a Meriden alimony lawyer could be an ally throughout the process and help you negotiate an agreement that is right for you. Contact an experienced family law attorney today to discuss your divorce process.

Alimony Basics

Every marriage is unique, and so is every alimony arrangement. However, there are some common considerations in all alimony discussions and decisions. Understanding some of the basics may help you approach alimony more confidently.

Connecticut judges take a fair and balanced approach to divorce. Their goal is not to punish one spouse and reward another, but rather to ensure neither party is particularly disadvantaged by the outcome of the divorce.

In most cases, that means that they try to ensure each spouse can maintain the same standard of living after their divorce as they did when they were married. Judges also review any alimony agreements the spouses previously worked out between themselves in uncontested divorces.

Common Factors in Meriden Alimony Cases

When negotiating an alimony agreement, or when a judge looks at the topic of alimony to determine if an award is appropriate, there are some common factors that are generally considered. Enumerated in Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 815j Section 46b-82, these include:

  • Income of each spouse
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of each spouse
  • The particular needs of each spouse
  • The details of the divorce agreement, including property division and other factors as appropriate

This is not an exhaustive list, and there are some cases in which the factors judges consider are subjective. Each spouse is allowed to present evidence for their position on alimony in cases of contested divorce.

Duration of Alimony in Meriden

Judges determining alimony have the ability to award a lump sum award or scheduled payments. When judges determine that alimony is to be paid over a period of time, or when an agreement between spouses has been negotiated on these terms, then the length of the alimony obligation must be specified.

While not especially common, judges can also order permanent or ongoing alimony. More often, alimony is awarded for a temporary period of time.

It is always possible to modify an alimony payment if either divorced spouse believe circumstances warrant it. An alimony attorney in Meriden could help former partners explore those options.

Contact a Meriden Alimony Attorney Today

Alimony is often a critical part of the divorce process, and it could be important to ensure you take a dynamic approach to alimony in order to find the solution that is right for you and your family. Alimony can be an intimidating topic, but it does not have to be. Working with an alimony attorney who understands alimony laws and how to approach negotiations may help alleviate many of your concerns.

An experienced Meriden alimony lawyer could help you pursue a thorough approach to alimony and ensure you understand your rights. If you have questions or concerns about alimony, including potential modifications to an already established alimony agreement, contact a dedicated Meriden alimony attorney today to schedule a consultation.