Meriden Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents involving 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, large freight carriers, and tractor trailers do not have to occur at high speeds to cause severe injuries. Due to the sheer weight of commercial trucks, a standard vehicle may be crushed even at low speeds.

If you are the plaintiff of a trucking accident, the questions of who is responsible and what actually caused the collision may be more complicated than in a simple traffic accident. There may be numerous parties involved, from the driver to the entities overseeing the maintenance and loading of the truck, which might complicate the process of determining legal liability.

To simplify the process and increase your odds of a positive outcome to your case, your best move may be to retain a Meriden truck accident lawyer who has handled truck crash cases before. The assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney could make all the difference for victims and families seeking to obtain accountability and fair compensation.

How State Regulations Impact an Accident in Meriden

Truck drivers, manufacturers, and owners typically need to follow a number of federal and state regulations. How much a truck can haul, how long a truck driver can go without rest, and quality control in repair and manufacturing are just a small portion of the types of conduct the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates.

When an accident occurs and the injured person is not at fault, any violation of a federal statute or FMCSA ordinance by a truck driver or trucking company could be critical for settlement purposes. Proof of a violation of a statute or regulation could serve as significant evidence to substantiate a civil claim.

Higher insurance requirements imposed on operators and owners of trucks are also an important aspect of state and federal regulation. The higher minimum policy limits of semi-truck insurance set by Connecticut law may imply that even if the truck driver or employer carries the minimum amount, the plaintiff may not be forced to settle for a lower amount. A Meriden truck accident lawyer could help a potential plaintiff identify how much and what kinds of damages they may be eligible to receive in their case.

How Respondeat Superior Affects Liability

Unlike car crashes, courts may consider multiple factors in truck accident cases when determining whether there was an employment relationship for the sole purpose of applying vicarious liability. If a truck driver collides into a car while transporting goods, the employer could be liable for any injuries sustained because the driver was acting within the scope of employment.

Respondeat superior is one type of vicarious liability that holds a company responsible for a traffic accident caused by its employee. Under this principle, an employer may be held liable for wrongful acts committed by its employees, provided the acts were unintentional and committed within the scope of employment.

Barring certain exceptions, respondeat superior attributes an employee’s liability to their employer as if the employer committed the wrongful act itself. The policy governing this rule stems from the realization that certain wrongful conduct may occur during the course of the employer’s company or business. The losses caused by this conduct may need to be placed on the employer.

Trucking companies could designate their drivers as independent contractors in the hope of avoiding liability. Respondeat superior typically applies to employment relationships and not the relationship between a company and an independent contractor. A truck accident lawyer in Meriden could work with a plaintiff to identify all potential defendants in their case and file suit against them accordingly.

Talk to a Meriden Truck Accident Attorney

The days, weeks, and months following a serious truck accident could be confusing, traumatizing, and anxiety-ridden. An injured person and their families may be severely impacted by outstanding medical bills, lost wages, and other unexpected financial woes resulting from such an event.

If you suffered injuries from such an accident, you deserve to have the best representation possible helping you seek appropriate financial restitution. To learn how a Meriden truck accident lawyer could help you understand your legal rights and fight to obtain fair compensation, call today to schedule a consultation.