Milford Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

In any criminal case, there is the possibility that drug conspiracy exists. A conspiracy is very important because it is as if the person actually committed the crime themselves. The penalty for a drug conspiracy charge or entering into a drug conspiracy is exactly the same.

This means that when an individual charged with a conspiracy to sell narcotics they have made an agreement to sell narcotics and took overt action to make the sale. That drug conspiracy charge carries the exact same penalty as if they actually sold the narcotics. Additionally, a person can be charged with both conspiracy and sale. If convicted, their penalties can be run consecutively significantly increasing the possible penalty.

Drug conspiracy is often charged in Milford drug cases and has a great impact on the case. If you are facing conspiracy and other drug charges, contact a Milford drug conspiracy lawyer for assistance in maintaining your rights and putting forth the best possible defense for your case. En Español.


To prove a Milford drug conspiracy charge, the prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that two individuals entered into an agreement to engage in a certain course of conduct. This means there must have been a meeting of the minds of the two individuals that they agreed to do something. The essence of a conspiracy is the agreement to engage in a certain conduct.

Prosecutors argue at trial that the evidence of this type of a conspiracy crime is by its very nature circumstantial and as such will not be written down into a contract. These types of conspiracy offenses are very often dependent on circumstantial evidence, the facts, and circumstances associated with each case, and can be difficult cases for the state to prove. A Milford drug distribution lawyer can help defend against these supposed circumstances.

Conspiracy Investigations

The police and prosecutors often examine the circumstantial evidence by checking phone calls, text messages, and e-mails to see if the people were in communication leading up to a sale. They look at the interactions between the people by engaging in surveillance through a confidential informant or undercover police officers in the neighborhood. The interactions between these informants and undercover officers are often recorded on video or audio.

Dual Charges

An individual can be charged with a conspiracy and the underlying offenses at the same time. In fact, it is commonly done. In many instances, an individual is charged with engaging in an actual hand-to-hand sale, as well as conspiracy.

There are cases with allegations that one person is engaging in a hand-to-hand transaction and there is a second individual who collects the money. In that case, not only is the individual charged with the sale of narcotics; they are also charged with a conspiracy to commit sale of narcotics with a second individual.

That is important because it increases the maximum possible penalty as the sale and conspiracy are two different criminal offenses. The penalties associated with each can be run consecutively. On a regular basis, individuals are charged with the underlying offense as well as the conspiracy charge.

Benefit of an Attorney

When an individual is charged with a drug conspiracy, they should hire a Milford lawyer who has significant experience in drug conspiracy cases. The individual wants an attorney who frequently appears in the particular court in which they are charged, and someone they feel comfortable with.

At the end of the day, a person wants their lawyer to be knowledgeable about the specific court and the penalties they may face. A person charged want a lawyer who will go in and fight for them. They should hire a Milford drug conspiracy lawyer who they feel comfortable with in order to encourage a good working relationship for a more successful outcome.

The best thing someone can do is work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to make sure they are fighting for their rights and working towards the best possible outcome in the case.