Milford Drug Distribution Lawyer

Cracking down on the distribution of drugs throughout the state and in Milford, in particular, is a priority for all law enforcement because they believe this type of activity leads to gun violence, assaults, and larcenies. They believe that the individuals responsible for the trafficking and distribution of controlled substances and narcotics are directly responsible for that conduct. Due to this perception, it is vital to have a Milford drug distribution attorney on your side to present the best possible defense available. En Español.

Constitutional Violations As a Defense

In these types of cases, very often, the investigation is focused on an individual’s residence which requires the police to obtain a search warrant. If they do not get a search warrant or there are mistakes in that search warrant, it can give rise to the possibility of a constitutional defense.

A Milford drug distribution defense attorney should evaluate this in each and every one of these cases to ensure that the police properly followed their procedures, got the necessary warrants, had the necessary probable cause, and followed the letter of the law.

Additionally, the attorney should verify that the authorities obtained the necessary search warrants before entering an individual’s home. That very often can give rise to a possible defense, and it comes up in these distribution cases.

Consequences & Penalties

Any time a person is charged with a criminal offense, it is important that they hire a lawyer because the possible penalties are severe. In terms of the direct consequences, they face incarceration, probation, and significant fines.

In addition to the direct consequences, the person charged is faced with possible collateral offenses, including the loss of the right to vote, the loss of housing, the loss of ability to get student loans, and more. The possible long-term consequences of a drug distribution charge are severe. As a result of those consequences, it is very important that the case is handled from the beginning in an aggressive and appropriate manner.

Role of an Attorney

A lawyer can evaluate the strength of the state’s case and build their defense around it. They can evaluate the possible defenses in terms of constitutional and search issues and evaluate what other possible defenses exist. In addition to that, a drug distribution lawyer in Milford can guide the individual through the process and put together a game plan that puts that person in the best possible position to obtain a favorable outcome. The attorney can evaluate whether any offer to resolve the case is a good or bad offer.

The defense attorney’s knowledge, experience, and interactions with that court all play into their assessment of the case. The attorney can bring that knowledge to inform their client about the best possible course of action to address the criminal charge. It is very important that a person hires an experienced criminal defense attorney.