Milford Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug possession is taken very seriously in Milford and in every other jurisdiction in Connecticut. The charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, some of which carry significant mandatory minimum time in jail. With this range of consequences in mind, it is important anyone facing a possession charge consult with an experienced Milford drug possession attorneys to help guide them through the legal process and work to secure their best outcome. To learn more or discuss your case consult with a drug attorney today. En Español.

Drug Enforcement

Drug possession is a priority for law enforcement officers in Milford. Prosecutors and police view the possession and use of narcotics and controlled substances as something that leads to other crimes, such as assault, larceny, and a handful of offenses that law enforcement believes directly result from the use and possession of various drugs and controlled substances. Much like local law enforcement, the Connecticut legislature takes drug possession very seriously and has imposed the mandatory minimum sentences associated with several possession charges.

Milford law enforcement focuses on what they view as the more serious substances, including cocaine, heroin, PCP, and prescription pills. Recently, there has been a heightened focus on various prescription painkillers among other prescription narcotics. Marijuana is viewed at the lower end of the spectrum, both by law enforcement as well as the state, however it can still carry penalties making it important a drug possession attorney in Milford is contacted.

Sentencing Factors

The factors that affect the charges and the seriousness of the charge are the actual substance involved and the amount of that substance. Very often, the charges differ depending on the actual amount of the substance someone has. For example, in some cases, an individual may be charged with possession with intent to sell. The reason they are charged with possession with intent is because of the amount of a substance they have, the packaging material, or other qualities of the quantity that they have that indicate the intent to distribute the substance.

The police look for indications of sale when arresting an individual. When someone has a certain amount of substance or if they have multiple baggies, multiple cellphones, cash, and other pieces of information that can be called indicators of sale, the police can charge the person with possession with intent to sell. In some instances, that charge can carry a mandatory minimum of five years in jail. Drug possession can be a misdemeanor, but it can also be a very serious felony carrying mandatory jail time.

Importance of a Milford Drug Possession Lawyer

Whenever someone is charged with a drug offense, they face possible incarceration, felony convictions, misdemeanor convictions, probation, and significant fines. Any time someone is faced with such consequences, they should ensure that the charges are handled properly from the beginning. The very beginning of a case sets into motion a course of events that can lead to a beneficial outcome.

If a person is able to put together a defense plan from the beginning and follow through with that plan, that puts them in the most beneficial position to obtain the best results. Given the consequences associated with any criminal arrest, in particular, felonies and drug convictions, it is important that an individual takes the steps necessary to get the best possible outcome.

Contact our Milford drug possession lawyers today to gain an understanding of the specifics of the charges you are facing, and to learn what the best course of action is to take moving forward.