Milford Sex Crimes Lawyer

Being accused of a sex crime is one of the most serious charges a person can face in Connecticut. Our Milford criminal defense lawyers understand just how devastating these accusations can be to your reputation, your livelihood, and your family’s sense of well-being.

The penalties of being convicted of a sex crime can follow an individual for life, and require registration as a sex offender. For this reason, it is imperative that anyone facing sex crimes charges hire an experienced Milford sex crimes lawyer who can put forth a passionate, thorough, and well-prepared defense. En Español.

Sex Crimes in Connecticut

There are many different kinds of sex crimes in Connecticut. These offenses, which warrant contact with a sex crimes attorney in Milford include:

  • Prostitution and solicitation of prostitution
  • Possessing, storing, or downloading child pornography
  • Statutory rape
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Human trafficking

Statutory Rape

Statutory rape laws in Connecticut are broad and can encompass relationships between high school classmates.

Depending on the details of the case, some statutory rape charges are eligible to be dismissed if the crime is a first-time offense and the offender undergoes an accelerated rehabilitation process that may involve an educational program and probationary period.

Sexual Assault

No matter the degree of the sexual assault, these types of charges are typically not reduced or dismissed regardless of the circumstances. Sexual assault includes a variety of many different offenses, and can be charged with the initial presence of fear a person may feel with regards to their physical safety based on the behavior of another, while it will also be charged in instances of sexual battery, such as rape.

Possession of Child Pornography

Charges related to child pornography often depend on the quantity and nature of the pornographic content a defendant is alleged to have possessed, distributed, or imported. Defenses that a Milford sex crimes lawyer may use for child pornography charges include that the defendant did not intend to possess or import the materials, because the computer file names were deceptive, for instance.

Sex Crimes Penalties in Connecticut

Connecticut does not take sexual offenses lightly, and penalties associated with sex crimes convictions are often harsh. These may include: jail time for up to 25 years or more, mandatory registration as a sex offender, payment of fines of up to $15,000, and monitored and restricted sex offender probation periods. This includes possible restrictions on where a convicted offender can live and work, and whether and how he or she may use the internet.

Subsequent convictions typically carry heightened penalties. A second conviction of aggravated sexual assault of a minor carries a penalty of a 50-year prison sentence – double the penalty for a first-time offense.

Consult an Experienced Attorney

Because of the way that Connecticut penalizes sex crimes are so severe and life-changing, it is critical that anyone accused of a sex crime immediately consult an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Milford who can fight vigorously on their behalf. Your attorney will deploy all available resources to construct a robust defense on your behalf and will work tirelessly toward securing the best outcome possible in your case.