Milford Child Custody Lawyer

In any divorce, the children involved are the most vulnerable, and their well being should be the first concern during a custody and visitation agreement. If you are divorcing a spouse, you should make sure the children are protected from the hurt and drama that may develop from a separation.

You should speak with a Milford child custody lawyer, who can protect the rights of your children and also protect your rights as a divorced parent. Contacting a compassionate family law attorney early on dispute is essential.

Definition of a Child Custody Order

When there is a conflict involving how a parenting strategy will be carried out after a divorce, a custody court order can be created to solve the issue. A child custody order is a mandate by the court that determines the custody and visitation arrangements of a minor child.

When a judge makes a verdict regarding the custody or visitation, the decision will become an official court order. A Milford child custody order is not only enforced by the court, but it also can be enforced by law enforcement if needed.

Changes to the provisions of the child custody order must be submitted to the court, and a new or modified version will take its place. If the court establishes a custody order by agreement of the parents or a judge’s decision, parents must obey and respect the court order. When parents do not follow the child custody order, they could face unpleasant consequences imposed by the judge.

Types of Custody

  • Legal Custody – a parent who has the legal right to make decisions concerning the child, such as education, religion, health, and other major matters that impact a child’s well being
  • Physical (residential) custody -   a parent with whom a child will live
  • Joint Legal Custody – Both parents will share in physical custody responsibilities that allow the child to split time between staying with both parents
  • Sole Custody – A parent has both legal and physical custody of a child. While the other parent does not have custodial rights, they may have visitation rights
  • Joint Legal Custody – Both parents share in the major decisions for the child that will impact the child’s life. If a dispute arises between the parents concerning a decision, the court will settle it

Determining Custody in Connecticut Courts

In trying to seek the best custody arrangement for a child, Connecticut courts will look at several different elements to reach a conclusion, which may include the following factors:

  • The needs of the child
  • A parent’s capabilities to meet the needs of the child
  • How engaged and active a parent can be in the child’s life
  • A parent’s willingness to allow a relationship of the child with their other parent
  • The overall relationship (past & present) between the child and each parent
  • The environment and atmosphere of the parent’s home or dwelling
  • A child’s preference for custody
  • The parents’ preference for custody

Contact a Milford Child Custody Attorney

It is important to know and understand the child custody laws in Connecticut. Laws are ever-changing, and you need to speak with a knowledgeable Milford child custody lawyer, who stays abreast of child custody laws to ensure the well being of your child.

Child custody laws are not meant to punish parents, but to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child involved in a divorce matter or family breakdown. Contact a child custody lawyer in Milford today.