Milford Personal Injury Lawyer

Many of us may be injured by the actions of another at some point during our lives. These injuries can be the result of accidents or intentional acts. In either instance, an injured individual may have the right to demand that the at-fault party provide compensation for their injuries.

The at-fault party could be a person, an insurance company, or a business. These parties may have to pay compensation for any medical costs, lost earnings, or mental anguish that a person suffers from the accident they caused.

A Milford personal injury lawyer could take the lead in settlement negotiations and lawsuits that demand compensation following an injury. An experienced attorney works to negotiate with insurance companies, complete all the necessary paperwork, and represent a plaintiff’s best interests in court.

What is Considered a Personal Injury?

Personal injuries can occur when people act negligently and do not uphold their duty to care for others. This duty is enumerated in the Connecticut General Statutes and creates a duty for people to watch out for the wellbeing of others in certain situations. This duty can require landowners to protect invited visitors from harm, drivers do not cause accidents, and dog owners to keep their animals under control.

If a defendant fails in their duty to keep others safe, and this failure results in an injury, the injured party has the right to make a claim for compensation. Examples of these situations can include:

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Slips and falls

In these situations, another person has a duty to protect others based on their relationship to them, such as in the case of a store owner and a customer, or because their actions may directly affect them, such as when a motorist drives alongside bikes or pedestrians. In cases that allege negligence, the plaintiff must prove to a jury that a breach of this duty of care resulted in their injuries.

Statute of Limitations in Milford

In all personal injury cases, there is a time limit to file a claim. According to Connecticut General Statutes § 52-577, plaintiffs have three years to file their case in court. This is called the statute of limitations and is in place so defendants do not have to worry about an incident that happened many years ago.

If this time limit expires, the court will generally refuse to hear the case and the defendant will cut off all negotiations. A Milford personal injury lawyer could work to ensure that this requirement and all others are met to give injured victims every chance of success.

Speak with a Milford Personal Injury Attorney

Any personal injury can negatively impact a person’s life. Injuries can result in large medical bills and force an individual to miss significant time at work. Serious injuries can involve permanent injuries that reduce or completely prevent a person from earning a living or enjoying their lives.

A Milford personal injury lawyer understands the financial and physical consequences of an accident on a person and is dedicated to helping victims seek the compensation they need to reestablish their wellbeing. A personal injury lawyer could help you build a case to pay for injuries and losses, so call today.