Milford Car Accident Lawyer

People who were injured in car accidents may require extensive medical treatment and the most severely injured may never make a full recovery. Fortunately, individuals and their families attempting to deal with the ramifications of the accident may able to recover damages by seeking compensation from the at-fault driver.

A Milford car accident lawyer could help you with the process of filing a claim if you were injured in a car crash because of someone else’s negligence. They work to take charge of the case from day one by gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, and negotiating with insurance companies. A skilled injury lawyer could help you seek financial recovery so you can focus on your physical and mental recovery.

Injuries in Car Accident Cases

Even at low speeds, collisions between two vehicles can have catastrophic effects on drivers and passengers. As a result, injuries are not only common but expected. Injuries may range in severity from minor cuts and scrapes to strained necks and backs to broken bones.

It is important to note that all personal injury claims must have a basis in some sort of physical harm. While plaintiffs can also make claims for economic or emotional damage, these are insufficient to hold up a car accident claim on their own.

Milford  Car Accident Laws

Individuals injured in car accidents can sue the at-fault driver using the personal injury laws regarding negligence. Negligence applies whenever a defendant had a duty to protect the wellbeing of the plaintiff prior to the injury taking place.

In car accident cases, all drivers of motor vehicles assume a duty to protect any other people they encounter while behind the wheel. This includes other drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and even pedestrians. As such, these motorists must drive in a way that does not place those individuals in any undue danger. If they do endanger others and an injury occurs, the at-fault driver is responsible for any resulting damage.

Examples of breaching the duty of care and failing to protect others include:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to signal
  • Ignoring traffic signals such as stop signs or red lights
  • Traveling without lights on after dark or in poor weather
  • Driving while intoxicated

Plaintiffs who are harmed in car accident cases have the burden of proving that the defendant driver breached their duty of care. A Milford car accident lawyer could help plaintiffs gather this vital evidence to create a powerful demand package or court filing.

Injured individuals cannot wait too long before filing a claim. Connecticut General Statutes §52-577 states that all personal injury cases, including car accident cases. This means even if a plaintiff suffers life-altering injuries and the fault of the other driver is clear, if they wait too long to go to court, they cannot recover damages. Therefore, it is essential for injured victims to reach out to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible.

How a Milford Car Accident Attorney Could Help

A car accident can not only cause damage to a person’s vehicle, but also result in severe injuries that affect their health, finances, and family life. As a result, it may be important for an injured individual to work with an attorney that can handle the details of a case while pursuing defendants and their insurance companies for a fair compensation.

A Milford car accident lawyer could provide a powerful advantage in seeking compensation. They could work to investigate the accident, place blame on the other driver, and write demand letters that accurately reflect the impact the incident has had on your life. Contact an attorney today to discuss your legal options.