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Finding yourself facing unexpected legal problems can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Whether it is being pulled over for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being accused of any number of serious criminal offenses, a criminal conviction can have a severe impact on your future. As a result, it is important that you have an experienced New Haven criminal defense lawyer available to fight for your rights and build you a strong defense.

Our knowledgeable criminal attorneys in New Haven are accessible and devoted to helping you with your legal issues through an aggressive and client-centered approach. It is never too early to contact an attorney and begin building a defense. To learn more and begin taking the steps toward building a successful defense for your case, call and schedule a free consultation today. En Español.

Types of Cases

Following an arrest, those who are accused need answers quickly. They will want to know the specific details of their charge, like how their alleged offense is classified and the potential penalties associated with those classifications. Luckily, a New Haven criminal defense attorney can explain the consequences of the charges and keep the client informed of what they should know at every step of the process, ranging all the way from the initial arrest, through trial, and to appeal if necessary. Consult with a legal representative today if you are facing any of the following:

New Haven criminal defense attorneys can also help you obtain a pardon or expungement for a past crime or assist you with appealing an unfavorable ruling by a judge or jury.

Criminal Consequences

The consequences of a mere arrest, let alone criminal conviction, can be devastating for you, your family, your career and your reputation. Even if you are only arrested, it will likely cost you money to post your bond, hire an attorney, and force you to lose time from work. Some may even face the real possibility of losing their job and professional standing. This can all happen even when you are still presumed innocent. State and federal agencies conduct thorough and intense investigations into criminal cases, and it is beneficial to understand their process should you be facing investigation.

If you are convicted, the consequences only get worse. You may face jail time, and even if you do not go to jail, you will likely be on some form of probation. Probation by itself can be a harsh punishment because the Court will often impose particular conditions. For example, your ability to travel is restricted, you can be forced to attend various types of counseling, and you may be required to submit to random drug testing and other random searches. However, probation is only the beginning–many people do not fully understand the true impact a criminal conviction will have on their lives.

That is when an experienced New Haven criminal defense lawyer can step in. They can help guide you through the process and minimize the consequences if possible. Preparing a defense against criminal charges is not an easy task. There are many factors that come into play that can help or hinder a defense. When you retain an attorney with experience, they can help you handle your defense using their previous experiences.

Importance of a Local Attorney

When someone is facing criminal charges in New Haven, it is important they contact an attorney who understands and has experience with the local judicial system. Someone who has practiced law in the area for a while can have a more concrete understanding of how the prosecutor’s office works and be more familiar with the practices and viewpoints of judges. Even if a person lives out outside of New Haven or Connecticut, hiring a New Haven criminal defense lawyer will be of more benefit to them than harm.

Our Approach to Criminal Defense

Through a client-focused approach, the New Haven criminal defense lawyers at our firm are able to put the client’s needs first and stand behind them throughout their ordeal. With an office conveniently located in New Haven, our firm offers free consultations to clients in Bridgeport, Westport, Milford, Meriden and all along the Connecticut shoreline and elsewhere throughout the state. Our attorneys are experienced, diligent, and passionate. They understand that facing criminal charges can be a rough situation for any individual, and they work hard to help a person move through the process. To do so, they often provide information about law enforcement and trends for certain charges and use that information with their clients to help them build a strong case.

An attorney with experience in the area can also provide clients with valuable information regarding the local prosecutors. Familiarity with prosecutors and which cases they take particularly seriously can be an incredible asset in a strong defense.

Our firm is also committed to helping clients understand what they are facing and feel less stressed about the entire process. Our experience is a reassurance to clients who have never faced criminal charges before and may be very nervous about what they should expect.

To get started on your case, call us today for immediate legal assistance. Our attorneys are available through call, instant message, email or text anytime of day or night and will be able to get you the information and answers you need. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today to begin protecting your rights.

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