New Haven Assault Court Treatment

Police officers in New Haven take assault cases extremely seriously. If an individual has sustained injuries, the case is fully investigated and evidence is collected so the government can prosecute the case. Whenever someone is involved in an assault allegation, it is important to build a defense and work with an experienced professional from the beginning because the police do everything they can to support their case. If an individual wants to know more about what New Haven assault court treatment will be like, and what their expectations should be, they should consult a qualified assault lawyer that could answer their questions and advocate for them.

Evidence in Assault Cases

New Haven assault court treatment of evidence is often thorough. In most prosecutions of assault, the state attorney presents a range of evidence appropriate to the specific case. Common types of evidence used in an assault case are statements from witnesses and the complainant. The prosecution gathers video surveillance, pictures, and medical reports. A wide range of evidence is specifically collected for an individual’s case depending on the facts and circumstances and what is available in the investigation.

Court Treatment of Assault

The New Haven courts including Meriden, Milford, Bridgeport, and along the Connecticut shoreline treat assault cases seriously; even minor assault cases where there is a bruise or a black eye. A case with significant injuries is taken extremely seriously and is prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. When someone faces allegations of an assault, it is important that they begin working with an experienced attorney to protect their rights and prepare the strongest defense possible. Assault cases carry the possibility of incarceration and the prosecution seeks incarceration when injuries are involved. An assault case should be handled appropriately from the beginning and should not be taken lightly.

Aggravating and Mitigating Factors in Assault Cases

The courts look at several factors in an assault to assess the seriousness of the case. Most importantly, the state looks at the severity of any claimed injuries. An assault case in Connecticut is charged at different degrees depending on the level of harm caused. One factor the courts consider is whether a weapon was used in the assault. Cases of assault that involve the use of a weapon are taken far more seriously. In Connecticut, a weapon has a wide range of meaning. It can be an everyday item not typically thought of as a weapon that can be transformed into a weapon when testimony is presented in the criminal court. For example, if an individual uses a shoe with a heavy sole to strike or assault an individual, the prosecution can argue that the shoe was used as a weapon. A weapon might be a baseball bat, a knife, or a gun. The factors of the seriousness of the injuries and the use of a weapon may elevate the case.

When there are mitigating factors, the defense attorney identifies what led up to the incident such as someone acting in self-defense, the incident was a minor argument, or the injuries are minor. They determine whether there are any legal issues associated with the case. Perhaps a statement was illegally obtained or evidence was secured without the proper actions on behalf of the police. There are many factors a defense lawyer can use to mitigate the seriousness of an assault case, and therefore mitigate New Haven assault court treatment. Those who have been charged with an assault offense should get in touch with a skilled assault lawyer that could pursue a positive outcome for them.