New Haven Simple Assault Lawyer

While being faced with an assault charge may seem like a daunting situation, know that a New Haven simple assault lawyer has the potential to assist your case by crafting an expert defense on your behalf. Become familiar with the information below so you can make the most fully informed decision regarding your case, then contact an experienced defense attorney right away.

What Constitutes Simple Assault in New Haven?

In Connecticut, simple assault is also known as assault in the third degree–the least serious of the three assault charges one can receive. Assault in a third degree is classified as a Class A misdemeanor in Connecticut, carrying the maximum of up to one year in jail, the potential of fines, probation, and other consequences.

There are several ways a person can commit assault in the third degree, because there are subsections contained within the statutes. Specifically, the most common is when someone has the intent to cause physical injury and performs that harm on another person. That is the most common way that someone would be alleged to have committed simple assault. Other forms include reckless behavior that results in the injury of another.

Penalties for Simple Assault

In addition to the possibility of incarceration, simple assault carries the possibility of fines and probation. In addition to those direct consequences, there are collateral consequences associated with any conviction. In some instances of an assault in the third degree, it could also lead to a prohibition against the possession of a firearm. There are a number of collateral consequences that everyone should be aware if potentially facing conviction for assault in the third degree.

Where Simple Assault Cases are Heard in New Haven

Typically these cases are heard in the DA or low court. Specifically, in New Haven, it is 121 Elm Street. Any time someone is facing a criminal allegation, they are elected at trial. At a bench trial, they will try the case before a judge and jury trial where members of the community hear the evidence to determine guilt or not guilty.

The vast majority of cases will be tried by a jury. However, it is always the individual’s decision as to what they would like to take. Typically, lawyers elect to have trial before a jury, but there are certainly instances where it makes sense to have a trial before the court. This choice will depend on the facts and circumstances of each case, so it is a case-by-case determination. In order to best determine what route to take, it is highly recommended that individuals reach out to a New Haven simple assault attorney so that they know all possible options before making this decision.

While the maximum penalty for this crime is only a year, even a month or two of incarceration can have a very serious impact on someone’s life. It is important that the case is handled properly from the beginning to ensure that the necessary steps are taken to present the best possible defense. Additionally, just because an individual is charged with assault in the third degree, it is possible that the state can change the charges to something more serious. Know that you do not have to face these charges alone–consider reaching out to a New Haven simple assault lawyer for help.