New Haven Conspiracy Lawyer

If you have been accused of a conspiracy offense in New Haven, you may be shocked, and worried. The best way to combat unfair conspiracy accusations is to fight passionately with an experienced New Haven conspiracy attorney by your side to protect your reputation in the community. A skilled defense attorney is your best asset beginning your case. En Español.

Understanding Conspiracy Law

Conspiracy charges typically occur when police or prosecutors allege that a pair or group of people are all involved together in a crime, in one way or another. These charges allow all persons involved in the crime to be held responsible, even when they did not directly commit the criminal act but rather simply contributed to making it possible. Nearly any type of crime can involve a conspiracy, though drug trafficking cases are the most common type of conspiracy charged. To prove that a defendant committed the crime of conspiracy, three elements must be met.

The prosecution will need to establish for the court that the defendant:

  • Agreed with one or more persons to commit a criminal offense
  • Intended to take action to commit the crime – rather than simply making a joke or speaking hypothetically
  • At least one person in the group of conspirators took an overt action in furtherance of the commission of the crime

Conspiracy Charges

While the goal of holding all criminals responsible for their actions is understandable, conspiracy charges can be too broad, and many people are unfairly accused, needing the assistance of an experienced New Haven conspiracy attorney. The problem with such loosely defined conspiracy guidelines in Connecticut is that it is quite simple for prosecutors and police investigators to accuse someone of conspiracy, simply by being involved or associated with other people who have criminal intentions.

Role of Technology

Prosecution of conspiracy cases has grown increasingly easier, now that people frequently communicate via text messages, social networking apps, and e-mails. Conversations that used to happen in person or over the telephone are now preserved for conspiracy investigators to pick apart, often finding meaning in statements made that the writer never intended.

Penalties for Offenses

Connecticut takes conspiracy accusations very seriously, especially if the conspiracy offense is alleged to be a part of a larger criminal enterprise. Conspiracy penalties in Connecticut correspond with the highest level of criminal offense involved in the conspiracy. For instance, conspirators involved in a Class B felony would be charged with an additional class B conspiracy charge.

Contacting a New Haven Conspiracy Attorney

A skilled New Haven conspiracy attorney will work diligently to establish for the court the true nature of a defendant’s conversations. It is important to begin working with a New Haven conspiracy defense attorney as soon as possible so that they can advise regarding interrogation by investigators and communications with other alleged conspirators. Even simply discussing how to evade investigators following an alleged crime can saddle a person with conspiracy charges.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to the conspiracy allegations against you, an experienced New Haven conspiracy defense attorney can look out for your best interests throughout the legal process you are facing. It is a good idea to begin working with your skilled New Haven conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible, so they can begin investigating the facts surrounding your arrest, and looking into whether any defenses may be applicable to your case.