Family Abuse in New Haven

Various types of domestic abuse can be considered family abuse. When a person is facing family abuse charges in New Haven, it is very important that they contact a New Haven domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

Anytime there are allegations of any crime, including family abuse, it is very important that an individual speaks with an attorney so they can establish and ensure that the person’s rights are protected, establish a defense from day one, and address the prosecutor and the investigating officers to ensure that the possible risks are minimized.

Child Abuse

Typically, when people refer to child abuse in New Haven, what they are referring to is a domestic violence incident in which the individual is under the age of 16.

A person will be charged with the standard crimes in Connecticut, including assault, threatening, harassment, strangulation, or whatever the criminal offense may be. In the case of a child, whether it be a son or daughter who is under the age of 16, the defendant will be charged with domestic violence.

They will also be charged with something called risk of injury. This is a Class C felony that carries up to 10 years in jail and is very often the most serious charge. This charge applies only to victims who are under the age of 16.

If someone is not charged with child abuse in New Haven, they are charged with a crime which is classified as domestic violence, and very often will be charged with risk of injury to a minor. So, although there is not a child abuse charge per se, there are charges that involve these types of allegations.


Anytime an individual has allegations that involve children in New Haven, the possible penalties are severe. The standard charge you will see in connection with anything involving a child under the age of 16 is risk of injury to a minor. This carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail, which is in addition to any of the standard charges of assault, strangulation, and so forth.

The possible penalty associated with any child abuse case is very severe. Additionally, prosecutors tend to take these cases very seriously given the fact that the children simply cannot defend themselves and the allegations usually involve a person in a parental position. The prosecutors take these cases very seriously and, often, the defendants are facing incarceration, so it is very important to look at these cases and allegations from the very beginning.

Spousal Abuse

In New Haven, there is not a crime of spousal abuse. In cases of what would be considered spousal abuse, a person will be charged with either assault, strangulation, or another standard crime. They will be charged with a crime and then it is classified as a domestic violence offense.

A domestic violence offense involves anyone who meets the statutory definition of a family or household member. It can be a spouse, someone in a recent dating relationship, a child, a family member, or someone the person lives with, so it is simply a part of the crime.