New Haven Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

Drug conspiracy charges are very serious in New Haven and carry the same potential penalties as if a person engaged in the hand to hand sale themselves. Any time an individual is charged with a conspiracy in connection with a narcotic offense, it is something to be taken very seriously and dealt with aggressively from the very beginning with the help of a New Haven drug conspiracy lawyer.

The maximum penalty for a first offender in connection with the sale of narcotics is 15 years in prison making it very important that a person facing charges takes them seriously and works with a skilled drug lawyer who can help them to establish a solid defense from the very beginning.

Conspiracy Charges

A drug conspiracy offense in New Haven arises in the context of a sale of illegal narcotics. A conspiracy occurs when there is an individual who will collect the money and then the second individual who will provide the alleged narcotic to a client. When this happens, the police will charge both individuals with conspiracy to commit sale. They are charged with conspiracy, which carries the same penalties as if the person individually had engaged in the collection of the money and the distribution of the narcotic.

These charges are very serious and something that the prosecution takes seriously. It often gives prosecution greater concern, because it shows there was a plan to deceive law enforcement and it suggests that these individuals are engaged in a larger practice or the sale of narcotics. Violations of drug conspiracy laws in New Haven result in charges that a person needs to defend quickly by putting together a solid defense from the very beginning with a New Haven drug conspiracy attorney’s help.

Multiple Offenses

People can be charged with conspiracy as well as the actual sale. They are separate and distinct offenses. The crime of conspiracy encompasses coming to an agreement and an intention with another party to engage in a particular conduct. The conspiracy setting is creating an agreement, while coming to that agreement is a crime. Engaging in possession with intent to sell or the actual sale of illegal narcotics in New Haven is a separate and distinct crime. In many cases, people will be commonly charged with the sale of narcotics and conspiracy to commit the sale of narcotics.

Contacting a New Haven Drug Conspiracy Attorney

Anytime a person is arrested, they want to look for a New Haven drug conspiracy attorney who has handled a variety of drug cases. A person facing conspiracy charges wants to look to hire an attorney who is familiar with the laws that are constantly changing, and who is willing to challenge these cases in court make the state prove it. An individual wants an attorney who will use all the legal avenues to challenge the case, whether it be a motion to suppress based on an illegal search or a defense that the state cannot prove because they do not have sufficient evidence. They want to hire a New Haven drug conspiracy attorney who challenges cases and is not afraid to go to trial if the state cannot prove its case.