New Haven Drug Conspiracy Investigations

To prove a drug conspiracy case in New Haven, the prosecution needs to prove that at least two individuals came to an agreement to engage in some sort of illegal conduct. In a case of conspiracy to commit sale, they will need to prove that there was a meeting of the minds of two individuals to engage in the sale or distribution of a narcotic or controlled substance.

In order to prove these cases, they will conduct serious drug conspiracy investigations in New Haven. Investigations can be extensive and as such it is important to get the help of a skilled New Haven drug conspiracy lawyer to protect your rights during the ongoing investigations.

Investigation Process

Typically, a drug conspiracy case in New Haven will involve a large-scale investigation into a number of people where they have obtained wiretaps, surveillance, and multiple controlled devices. The large scale investigations into conspiracies are usually long-term investigations that span multiple cities or states. There are often multiple search warrants and multiple hand to hand transactions that have been reported either on audio or video.

Many times New Haven drug conspiracy investigations involve the use of confidential informants or undercover police officers. Often, these are strong cases for the prosecution built from the bottom up and a charge that a person would want to take seriously and defend from the beginning.

Techniques of Investigation

In building these types of investigations, New Haven law enforcement will use a number of tools. They will use a confidential informant to make hand to hand transactions. They will use these hand to hand transactions to obtain a search warrant of a particular property. They will then execute the search warrant and seize alleged items used in the sale of narcotics.

Both the searches and the hand to hand transactions are used to arrest the individual for numerous offenses. Often, these hand to hand transactions are recorded either on audio or videos. The use of these confidential informants is the main mechanism law enforcement use to establish the arrest on a sale of narcotics case.


The courts in New Haven, particularly the prosecutors, are looking for indica of sale in an investigation. An indicia of sale can be anything given the facts and circumstances of a drug case. Typically, it is the type of packaging, the amount of the substance, whether it is packaged for hand to hand transactions, whether the individual is in possession of other packaging material, whether there are multiple scales, cell phones or cash. These are all indicia of sale, and these are types of facts that the prosecutors look for to establish a distribution or possession with intent to sell case.

Contacting an Attorney

An individual facing a drug conspiracy investigation in New Haven needs the help of a lawyer who primarily has experience dealing with these cases. In Connecticut, the drug laws are constantly changing. It is a developing area, so not only do the laws change, but the case law governing the validity of searches and what is sufficient evidence to prove a conspiracy or the intent to sell is always changing. A person wants to hire a lawyer familiar with these developments in the law and has handled these types of cases on a regular basis.

A person wants to hire an attorney that they feel comfortable with, that they believe is going to fight for them and their rights at every step of the case, and is willing to have an honest and open conversation with. So at the end of the day, the most important thing an individual can do is hire a lawyer they believe is going to have their best interest and give that person the best possible advice throughout the case.